How I’m Staying Organized In 2023

We are now almost 2 weeks into 2023 and I have spent so much time trying to set myself up to stay organized & less stressed this year. While it’s taken some time, and a few different trials & errors, I think I have found something that is sustainable for me to not only access 24/7 but also that I want to use. I am always bouncing around between my calendar, my day planner, notes app & even a good ole notebook, which is great & has worked in the past, however I wanted to give something new a try. Does trying something new mean I’ll be ditching my old ways completely, of course not, I bought a 2023 planner back in August & I’m not wasting that. Now that i’m not only going to be a mom but also taking courses too, I need to stay as organized as possible.

Day Planner

I love a good physical day planner. These always keep me organized with upcoming deadlines / appointments / events & I love using them as a physical daily to-do list. There is nothing I love more than physical crossing or checking off a completed task. The only downside is obviously I do not carry this out & about like I would my phone as it’s more bulky, so it sits on my desk at home & I use it there.


I use my google calendar religiously. It’s accessible on both my phone & computer which makes checking it all the more easier than a physical planner. I keep literally everything in here – appointments, upcoming trips, when ‘P’ is away for work, events, you name it. I am one of those that needs to see what I have coming up to plan accordingly. Now that I’m in school again, I just added my assignments in to give me a calendar view of how long I have until it’s due. Give me a few more days & i’ll be adding in school time blocks as well.

Notes App

I love the notes app on my iPhone. I use this for groceries, Christmas shopping lists, anything I need to remember, you name it. Sometimes if i’m going to be out & about allll day, I plug in my to-do list, if I have multiple stops this helps me stay focused on where I need to go & for what.


This is my newest addition for 2023! I’m super excited about this because it’s basically a customizable CRM system, you can use it how you want. I have spent so much time perfecting my ‘Dashboard’ & have been using it daily since the start of the year. I’m not going to show my dashboard just yet since it has so many personal items in it. But I basically created it to track every little thing in my life.
Some things I use it for: my daily habits, daily agenda (basically my to-do list for the day), it has my course information with all the important pdf’s I need to access, I even have a blog section to keep me on top of what are my pending posts, a finance tracker for both our house spending & my personal spending.
It is accessible both online & through an app, which makes it so easy to access. I can check mark all my completed daily habits / daily to-do’s, see whats coming up, you name it.
I love that I was able to basically make myself my perfect dashboard with everything I want to see daily, and pretty well combine everything I mentioned above (calendar, day planner, notes app) into one place. It’s always going to be a work in progress for me, I’ve already adjusted & edited pages like crazy in the past 10 days, but I can see this completely replacing at least the day planner from my life (& possibly the notes app as well).
There was a slight learning curve while I was trying to get this going & together, but now that I have the basics down, I’m super excited to use it to it’s full potential.

As you can see, I’m a total nutcase when it comes to staying organized, holding myself accountable & just having visuals. Is using 4 different things totally unnecessary, heck yes, but being organized like this & just being able to see what I have on the go & what’s coming up, having a safe space for ideas & notes, all my goals, is really something that keeps me organized & able to get through the day without a million meltdowns.

Do you have any ways you stay organized?


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