We’ve Been Keeping A Secret ….

Alright, we’ve been keeping a little (uh big) secret for a while now. It’s all i’ve been wanting to write about but haven’t which is also why I’ve been so MIA the last few months.

But …. we’re having a BABY!

On August 18th, our lives literally changed when we found out the news. Let’s just say it was an emotional rollercoaster. Not only did we have the wedding coming up, but i’ve never felt so many emotions at the same time. I was happy and excited, but so scared and not ready at the same time. We always knew we wanted to have a family but we didn’t think it would happen as early as it did.

I am officially just over the halfway mark of my pregnancy (22 weeks) and Little Baby ‘O’ is the size of a spaghetti squash now.

Despite the last few months being super hard: I had all the food aversions, dealt with morning sickness daily and literally lived off McDonald’s chicken nuggets & fries (with a sprite of course). It has been so surreal watching my body change and it’s been challenging at times, I’m officially starting to show with a little belly. Now that it’s cold & no jeans officially fit, I am hiding away behind large hand me down sweaters & leggings.

Yes this was probably one of the biggest surprises we could have asked for at this time in our life, but we are welcoming this next chapter with open arms and grateful hearts! We can not wait to meet our little one in only a few months time.

All mommas, send me book recommendations you’ve found helpful. Heck even baby items that I need!


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