Keeping Up With Cass – October 2022

This feels so surreal right now, I am writing this from a beach with no other pressing things going on for the first time in forever.


October was a slight shit-show of a month. It was our wedding month & it was just all around exhausting and hectic. I’ll be posting about the wedding at some point, but it was a beautiful day & I am so happy with how it turned out. It was absolutely amazing seeing some extended family members and family friends that I haven’t seen in a while. 

Aside from the wedding, we really didn’t do much. To be honest, between last minute wedding to-do’s & beauty appointments, & all that fun stuff, not much was really going on besides work. Our weekends were jam packed with wedding related stuff & just flew on by. The month is a total blur to be honest. We also got everyone together before the big day for our rehearsal dinner and it was an absolutely amazing and fun night! 

Reading: got a few books done & off my to-read list which was a nice feeling. Will I hit my reading challenge goal? Who knows, only time will tell these next 2 months. 

Fitness wise: I have been doing a little bit, got weights in a few days a week & tried to go on some walks most days just for the fresh air mainly. But I really did take it easy, I didn’t want to completely overdo it pre-wedding.



Work has been good, it’s been nice being able to work from home again. But it’s definitely been keeping me busy these days. 


What I’ve Been Watching:


  • Criminal Minds (duhh)
  • Hocus Pocus 2

Hay U:

  • Below Deck Med – S7
  • Love Island – S8
  • Winter House – S2
  • Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – S3

What Have I Been Reading:

  • Groupies by Sarah Priscus
  • Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner
  • Every Summer After by Carley Fortune
  • The Bodyguard by Katherine Centre

In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from October:

How was your October?
Did you do anything exciting? 


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