18 Days Until We Say ‘I Do’

It is officially crunch time.

We are 18 days out from saying ‘I Do’ & being officially married.

I am officially (I might be using this word a lot today) feeling overwhelmed. Excited but overwhelmed.

All the little things are done: I got my shoes, I booked all my beauty appointments, my hair & makeup trial is this weekend.

We just got some last minute big things done: finalized the seating chart, got all the little gifts, all the vendors are booked, final proofs of stationary have been confirmed.

We have some big ticket things still to do: get our marriage licence, pick the church readings & music.

It’s already felt a little never-ending, & this little countdown is officially about to take over my life, joking it already has. I can’t have any conversations without someone asking about the wedding or checking through a to-do list.

I am beyond excited for the craziness to end & the day to be here.

In the meantime, i’ll be over here trying to stay semi-sane & having a completely booked calendar outside of work hours.

Only 18 more days to go which is totally crazy to think about & super exciting but pretty exhausting at the same time.


5 thoughts on “18 Days Until We Say ‘I Do’

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