I Tested Positive For Covid

After managing to avoid getting covid throughout this whole pandemic, and even being triple vaccinated, I have officially tested positive for COVID. It’s been slowly running through ‘P’s office & he tested positive this past Saturday after one of the guys he was with Friday texted him to let him know.

I’m starting a new job on Monday so we’ve been really cautious, sleeping in separate beds but apparently that wasn’t enough. Today is the end of his 5 day quarantine & I woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck, My whoop band also alerted me this morning that something was up with me, my HRV was extremely low & both my resting heart rate & respiratory rate were extremely elevated which is a sign of covid apparently. I figured it was time to test & he did one this morning too since he was planning on visiting on some job sites. Let’s just say my test came back positive & I officially caught Covid 😦 . So here we are on day 5 of not leaving our house & we clearly won’t be leaving for a while.

As for symptoms, my chest feels super heavy, my nose won’t stop running, I have a horrible & deep cough, and I’m exhausted. So we will just see how this runs it’s course, i’m hoping it passes quickly cause I don’t wanna stay cooped up in the house together anymore & I just hate feeling shitty.

If I can keep him off my back & get some alone time, maybe i’ll have the energy to start a covid diary lol.

Keep being cautious friends!

8 thoughts on “I Tested Positive For Covid

  1. It finally hit my classroom this week. A student took Monday off for “a rest day” then he had a fever and threw up Monday night and Tuesday tested positive. Thankfully his last day was Friday so we are all still ok. He’s also the only unvaccinated student….

    I hope you feel better soon!! Rest and take it easy!

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    • Oh no, can’t believe it’s hitting your classroom. It’s been going through ‘P’s work & it was only a matter of time.

      Thank you! It’s definitely not fun lol

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