House Tour – Main Floor Part 2

We are slowly making our way through the house!

If you missed Part 1: you can visit us here

We will slowly walk through the main living areas: my home office & our dining room!
Another short & sweet visit for today!

Stop #1:
Welcome to our dining room!
Our dining table & bar hutch finally arrived, so our house is officially done with waiting on big furniture! The table, hutch & little table are all from the same set. We didn’t like the chairs that came with it, so we got some made at Lay-Z-Boy to match. The table extends, right now we only have 6 chairs but can definitely seat more when needed, we have extra chairs down in the basement. The little table on the side matches the one off the kitchen. And this hutch is probably one of my favourite pieces we got for the house, we have all the booze & stuff hiding in it, so we’ve been able to clean up the basement a little more. On top, we have a vintage wine opener that is only for decoration & our sono’s speaker. Next up, buying some decor for the little side table top, & something for the middle of the table.



Stop #2:
Welcome to the ‘Front Porch’!
This front room actually used to be the front porch & the previous owners closed it in. On one side there is a super cute little office, where I can finally work uninterrupted, in the middle is the main entranceway & then the other side is a bathroom. The only downside, to this area, it’s not insulated properly so this room is hot as anything in the summer & cold as anything now that the weather is cold. We have a space heater running 24/7 so the pipes don’t freeze & plan to make this area weather proof come the spring hopefully.



It’s been a constant work in progress since we moved in. Slowly but surely everything has been coming together. The new paint job really made this place look 100000 times better, & it’s so nice to just have all the big stuff done for now.

Thanks for stopping by!


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