We Have A Creepy Neighbour

So I have no idea where to begin this, so I’ll start at the beginning.

We moved into our house back in Mid-July. One of our immediate neighbours houses is completely run down & has boarded up windows. We knew the owners dad lived a few doors down & had only ever seen the home owner walking back & forth between this house & his dads. We have also never in the 7 months of living in our house seen any lights on in the evenings. The previous owners of our house mentioned that he was fixing it up. Safe to say we assumed he must be living with his dad.

Fast forward to like 2 weekends ago, he came by the house while I was working, we had a quick chat, he mentioned I’m always home & I said ‘I currently work from home’. Later that day, he introduced himself to ‘P’ for the first time. Of course, being curious & seeing that he was doing some work outside, he asked what the guys plan was with the place. ‘P’ then proceeds to find out that he is living there & is shocked to hear we did not know he actually lived in the place … So this happens on Friday afternoon, we leave for the cottage & come home Sunday mid-morning to see that he has now un-boarded the windows on the house that face our house.

A few nights later, I’m going to close the blind in our bathroom & see that he is sitting at his table drawing, no biggie right. But then realize he has a mirror on table that is facing our house. I tell ‘P’ & he just says to not think into it.

Fast forward again to this past Friday, So this is where is gets really messed up.

It’s 5:30 am, ‘P’ starts his car from inside like he does every morning to warm it up for when he leaves at 5:45am for work. It snowed a bunch the night before, so he goes out to brush his car off & see the guy standing in his window just staring at the side door of our house. He turns around & comes back into the house, makes another espresso & goes back out, the guy is still standing there. I wake up at 6am & hear his car still running, which is weird, so in the dark I look out the upstairs window & see the guy standing in the window just staring. I kid you not, I booked it downstairs to tell ‘P’ only to hear them through the window talking. So me being nosey, I run back upstairs & can see him literally hanging out the window talking to ‘P’. So I text him & i’m like ‘WTF is going on out there’. He’s now late for work. He finally pulls out the driveway & the guy stands there watching his car leave & then proceeds to just watch our side door. ‘P’ calls me & he tells me what happened & it’s too much for 6am. But basically the guy was like interrogating him. Asking him ‘why he went back in the house’, where he works, what he does, what our last name is (he thinks we are already married), where I work, why I would say that I work from home a few weeks ago. I check the window again before I go workout (in the living room & not the basement today), he’s still watching our house, it’s like 6:30am or something like that, so I try to forget about everything that’s happened.
It’s now about 7am, I finish my workout & go to my office which is at the front of the house & I happen to look out the window & notice our little gate is open & there are steps to the door. So I tell ‘P’ & he asks if we got a package (mind you we have no doorbell on the front door), & he asks if the gate is open (we have a little fence around the front). I tell him it’s open, he immediately calls me, says the gate was closed when he left like an hour ago, while we are on the phone I open the door to check & there’s no package at the door but someone walked up to the front door & knocked but then walked in the snow across to where the front windows are. ‘P’ immediately left work & came home. He saw that there are footsteps in the snow from the neighbours back door, down the side of our driveway to the sidewalk & then up to our front door / window … So Basically this guy watched ‘P’ leave for work, knows i’m home alone & proceeds to come over before 7 am in the freaking morning ….. I was legitimately on edge & it wasn’t even 7:15am. I do notice that he keeps staring out his window as well, cause obviously i’m being creepy myself & checking discretely. So I got ready for the day after ‘P’ left again & when I was opening the blinds in the upstairs bathroom while brushing my teeth & the guy was staring at the upstairs window. With his coat still on. Let’s just say, I packed my work shit & went to work at my parents for the day because I was not staying at the house alone after this.

One of our friend’s dad’s is an ex-policeman, so ‘P’ called him & he told us to call the non-emergency police line & to have something in writing about our morning. Basically if he hadn’t peeped into the windows we wouldn’t have but that was the line & he crossed it. The police taking the information down were apparently so concerned that they insisted on doing a wellness check, we don’t know if it’s happened or what, but we are definitely a little on edge right now, since he’ll clearly know it was us & we don’t know what will happen next.

This happened to of course happen on the one morning our camera’s were not on. The driveway camera was inside charging & the front camera was out of battery waiting for it’s turn to charge.

So hopefully nothing else happens but it’s been kinda freaky to say the least. The worst part is, I love Criminal Minds & it unfortunately feels like we are living our own personal episode.

Hopefully this saga ends here, but if not, I’ll keep you updated.


11 thoughts on “We Have A Creepy Neighbour

  1. Ooooohhhh! Good story. I love this kind of stuff. My wife thinks I’m weird because I think the same stuff as what you wrote about. The guy sounds strange. I’d definitely be concerned about this guy. Just make sure you keep the doors locked and remember to be nice to this guy. You don’t want to start something. It reminds me of some of these creepy movies like the one with Ray Liotta as the neighbor who is a cop. I forget the name of it….. it’s a great creeper film.

    Anyway, I hope it gets better. Keep us posted.


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