January 2022 Reading Recap

Last year I unfortunately didn’t hit my 2021 reading goal of 55 books but I got nice & close, you can see my full reading update & book list here.

This year, since I have such a busy year ahead, I kept my 2022 goal the same as last year. My goal for 2022 is to read 55 books, and I am off to a decent start already, which I can’t lie feels great.

So with January coming to an end, here is my first Reading Recap of 2022:

2022 Reading Challenge

Currently Reading:
A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Completed in January:

  • My Perfect Wife by Clare Boyd
  • The Husbands by Chandler Baker
  • Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

My Thoughts:

  • My Perfect Wife: This one was different. I mean very suspenseful & just had a lot going on. Does jump between a few people & even some ‘flashbacks’, so I found I had to slightly pay attention. But it was a decent read.
  • The Husbands: I am still confused about this book, I really can’t wrap my head around the ending. Was I suspecting things throughout the book, yes. But yeah the ending had me in a very ‘what the heck just happened’ state. The beginning was slightly slow to get into, but once I got farther into the book, the more into it I got.
  • Local Woman Missing: Mary Kubica did not disappoint. This book was all kinds of crazy, with flashbacks to the backstory & I was literally just hooked from page 1. This book was filled with suspense & just had me needed to know what happened. I already told a friend she needs to read it ASAP.

Have you read anything worth recommending?
Let me know in the comments, I’m seriously looking for new books! 

Also do you have Goodreads? Let’s be friends, I love seeing how everyone is doing on their challenges & what your reading!


11 thoughts on “January 2022 Reading Recap

  1. Oooo I am one book away from posting my first update for the year! I love that I’ve gotten back into reading. It’s so much more fulfilling than just sitting in front of the tv after work. But also sometimes I just don’t have the brain power haha

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  2. I have Kubica’s on my TBR list too. I only read her first one so far but want to read all of her books eventually. My wife loved that one you’re reading right now too, Man Called Ove (pronounced “ooo-ve” I think).

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