Hello 2022!

Hello 2022

I am welcoming 2022 with open arms! This year is going to be one hell of a busy yet exciting year.

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any life updates from 2021:


This year I’m really trying to be positive & focused on literally being my best happy self. I am one to literally fly off the handle for no reason (thanks for putting up with my crazy ass ‘P’), along with just being a very, very negative person in general. If i’m in a mood, I expect everyone else to be in one. So my main thing is to literally just be positive & happy & literally just be chill. We are what 5 days in & I am already feeling so much more gratitude & just lighter because of how I’ve been trying to shift my mindset.

This year I actually spent time on the flight home writing some personal goals for myself in my phone notes, which was a nice change. I find that by having it accessible, I have been able to refer to it when I need a little reminder.

I’m not going to share all my goals / things I want to focus on in 2022, but one large things is taking daily walks (if you follow Itsmetinx, she coined a term RMW – Rich Mom Walks – which basically is just carving time out for yourself & just hyping the sh*t out of yourself on it.). I’ve only missed 1 day this month, but I find I’ve been feeling better with the extra movement & sleeping better. I use my walk time to listen to podcasts, (if after work) reflect on my day, (if morning) get hyped up for the day.
My other main thing for this year, is literally to budget my A** off because I want to save a little more. I spent the other day getting my budget spreadsheet for 2022 together, & I actually opened another side savings account for myself to put money away monthly (with an end goal for the year of course).
My last big thing is setting boundaries, having work & life be separate. I have made a promise to my colleagues that I would only help others if I have the capacity, I will not be working overtime & I will be more vocal & not just sit back if I have things to add. I have some big targets for this year & stay8ing organized & calm will be my only way to make it through. Also when I take a day off, actually take that day off …


  • Read 55 books
  • Grow twitter account
  • Daily movement
  • Work / Life balance

I am ready to see what the new year brings my way!

Do you have any ‘focuses’ or ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ or anything you want to manifest for 2022?
Do you stick with your resolutions?

Happy 2022 everyone!

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