I Said ‘YES’ To The Dress

Since this month has been a total whirlwind, two weeks ago now I said ‘YES’ to the dress.

My mom was by my side for it all & it was definitely pretty magical feeling. I ended up going back to one of the places we visited for the first try on, & they made the experience feel so seamless & they were not pushy al all about picking a dress like all the other places we went to.

This place is in downtown Toronto, so we made an evening of it & went for dinner after.
They actually make the dress for you, & they customize the look of the dress to what you want / look best in. I picked & chose what I liked from a few of the dresses they had in store. They bring all the fabric in from Italy so you know it is good quality & cost wise, it is way more affordable than many of the off the rack dresses (especially since they have all these extra hidden costs for literally everything).

Since I am literally keeping what my dress looks like on lock & key from literally everyone except for my mom, all I will say is that it is white.

I am already looking forward to my first fitting in February, i’m assuming it’ll feel so much more real by then!


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