‘No-Spend’ October Update

Well, better late then never right!
So last month, I was trying to do a ‘No-Spend October‘ which basically had me not spending money on anything other than the necessities. The link above explains everything a heck more. But basically I wanted to save money & get back to spending less impulsively.

So how did I do?

I want to say good, but I really have no idea. I did buy a few of the necessities (Shampoo/conditioner – yes I ran out, & groceries). However, we did have a party this month, so I spent some money on decor for that, which I totally didn’t plan to spend as much as I did, but it happens. I did use a gift card to buy a dress for an upcoming vacation before it sells out again, but obviously I had to top a little more off.

My mistake was not writing down what my account was at, at the beginning of the month, so to be honest I literally have no idea if I did save any money or what. Now I know for next time.
I am planning on doing this again in January & trying to do a ‘no-spend month’ every other month in the new year. Not keeping track also has me realizing I really do need to get back to budgeting & all the fun stuff, so i’ll be hard-core budgeting come the new year as well again. I’m going to spend some time really perfecting my spreadsheet so I have something that I enjoy using.

Have you ever done a ‘No-Spend’ Month?
Do you have any budgeting tips to share?


13 thoughts on “‘No-Spend’ October Update

    • I’ve done it before where I tracked it all & it 1000% was better, I was just lazy last month. Next time i’m going to track it all & really see the difference


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