Keeping Up With Cass – October 2021


Happy Halloween Everyone! 

October flew on by, no one can tell me otherwise…


We had a little Housewarming/Engagement party this past month at the house. We decided to just combine the two since it would have been the same people invited to both. It was definitely different to be on the hosting side, but overall it was a good night with all the people we love & way to much wine!
Reading: I barely got through 3 books this past month, it was just one of those months. I have read 45/55 books in my 2021 reading challenge. I guess there is always next month to catch up. 
Fitness wise: Still rotating between that new schedule: 3 strength days, 2 cardio & 2 light movement days (yoga/barre). I just crave movement in the mornings, especially weekdays because I sit in front of my computer all day. I mainly do the peloton app workouts now, I put some workouts together ahead of time so I can just press play in the morning which has been super easy. 


We officially have nothing to do in the house, & it has been so so nice.
We are waiting on a few things to arrive still but it happens & hopefully we get them soon. 
We decided not to decorate for Halloween this year, we just wanted to save some money versus having to buy all the decor, there is always next year. 

Wedding Planning:

Pretty well all the big details are figured out, we found all our vendors, deposits have been made & nothing needs to get done until like March now, which is exciting & we will get into the nitty gritty then!
I do have another wedding dress appointment coming up on Friday, so i’m excited for that & do plan on saying ‘YES’ to the dress, fingers crossed!


As of tomorrow, I will be heading back into the office part-time. I am low-key very excited to be able to leave the house a few days a week & even dress like all cute again. 
As of tomorrow, I will also be shifting out of marketing completely & handing that all over to another team member (YAY). So i’ll be diving into another area in the company, which is super exciting & I can’t wait to share more on that later. Now i’m just waiting for my new contract! 


What I’ve Been Watching:


  • Nancy Drew 


  • Britney Vs. Spears
  • Sex Life
  • You – Rewatched S1 & S2, S3

Hay U:

  • Below Deck Med – S5
  • Love Island – S7 
  • Summer House – S3 & S4

What Have I Been Reading:

  • When All Is Said by Anne Griffin
  • The Nanny by Gilly Macmillian
  • Up Close & Personal by Kathryn Freeman

In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from October:

How was your October? Did anything exciting happen?


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