October 2021 Reading Recap

What the heck is reading a book? I literally spent the whole month reading the same two books, this month was one of those where I would start reading & then get sidetracked to do something else. With only 2 months left of the year (& one of those being a holiday month), my goal of reading 55 books is now officially daunting.

So with October coming to an end, here is my latest Reading Recap of 2021:

2021 Reading Challenge
– 45/55

Currently Reading:
(I haven’t decided yet)

Completed in October:

  • When All Is Said by Anne Griffin
  • The Nanny by Gilly Macmillian
  • Up Close & Personal by Kathryn Freeman

My Thoughts:

  • When All Is Said: This book took me forever to get through, but I did like it. As I got closer to the end it did get a little harder to read, once you realize what the heck is going to happen. But it was a nice book, with a sad ending.
  • The Nanny: This was messed the heck up. This was spooky & just creepy, & just had total ‘DONT DO IT’ thoughts, way too often. I would recommend if you like thriller type books or if you are like me, just don’t read it before bed. Also, family over everyone, always.
  • Up Close & Personal: I have mixed feelings about this one, it was obviously predictable & well I don’t know how I feel about it. Story line was okay, characters were cute but a little too mean to each other if you ask me.

Have you read anything worth recommending?
Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for new books to add to my reading list – nothing is off limits! 

Also do you have Goodreads? Let’s be friends, I love seeing how everyone is doing on their challenges & what your reading!

6 thoughts on “October 2021 Reading Recap

  1. Oooo I’ve started back into reading this month! I hope you get your challenge completed! Can you specifically choose easy-to-read, quick read, books to make it? Or is that not allowed lol?

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