House Tour – Main Living Area

Let me officially welcome you virtually to our new crib WordPress friends!
Since we are missing a few pieces still I’m going to slowly tour you guys through our little place over the next few months. It’s still bland without any art or pictures, but as we decide we will slowly be adding more pieces.
Not many pieces from the condo actually made it here to the larger space, but you will notice a few little things did.

We will slowly walk through the main living areas: Living Room & Kitchen.
Short & sweet visit for today!

Welcome to the living room!
This is 10000% our most used room in the house. Lots of reality TV does get watched in this room.

Welcome to the Kitchen!
This is where all the cooking magic happens!

This is the little ‘hallway’ between the kitchen & the 2nd bedroom.

It’s been a constant work in progress since we moved in. Slowly but surely everything has been coming together. The new paint job really made this place look 100000 times better, & it’s so nice to just have all the big stuff done for now.

Thanks for stopping by!


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