No-Spend October

Happy October!!

I am bringing back my ‘No-Spend’ months. Starting today, i’ll be officially locking up my credit card for any non-essential purchases with a few exceptions.

Let me start by saying, i’m usually amazing at saving, always have a few months saved. But with the house, I am officially cutting it way too close. But after receiving two ‘half-paycheques’ in September (this was rough), my bank account is feeling it & needs a saving break. I did my best to finally return the returns I had in the back of my car & have pretty much locked my credit card away. So now that things are pretty well calming down around here house wise, I am going to do a ‘No-Spend October’ that may be extended (with the exception of christmas gift purchases).

So what am I allowing a few exceptions for:

  • Groceries: I can’t let ‘P’ do all the grocery shopping, so I’ll do my share.
  • Payments: Obviously same as above, my monthly house contribution needs to continue.
  • Nails & Waxing: I do this once a month, & I refuse to let those go.
  • Replacing items: my shampoo & conditioner are almost done, so honestly those might be the only replaced items but basically any necessities only once they are empty, done & thrown away!

Hopefully this is the kick in the butt I needed to really get back to budgeting & getting back into a saving mindset, because lord knows I need to stop spending money like an animal & get my bank account back to a semi comfortable place (which I know will not happen over-night), but a few no-spend months & proper budgeting will point it back in the right direction.

Have you ever participated in a ‘No-Spend Month’? How did it go?
Do you have any money saving tips to share?


9 thoughts on “No-Spend October

  1. I was actually also considering doing a no spend month! The last week was a week of buying and I got a little out of control 😅 but I am usually really good with not spending. That was before when I paid my bills and got groceries and was basically tapped out haha!!

    My friend does November every year as no spend. But she means NO spending. She pays her mortgage and bills but thats it. No shopping for anything else not even groceries. She has a system of stocking up her pantry to make it possible.

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