What I Wear – Work From Home Edition

This has been a long time coming since I do love fashion but I’m just so lazy when it comes to getting outfits together. I am also that super guilty person who buys new clothes & just wears the same 5 things, hence the lack of fashion on here.

I also can’t lie, having now been working from home for what feels like forever / just the pandemic in general, has made having the motivation to dress nicely a total challenge. I have also been very guilty of literally wearing the same boring work from home getup, over and over & now that i’m living out of a laundry basket while we wait for our new closet system, i’m forcing myself to actually wear pieces I own & get rid of the things I won’t wear (clothing purge coming soon!).

I did also force myself to take pictures daily for a week of what I was wearing & my goodness it was a game changer when putting outfits together.

I do also tend to drift towards the same styles / colours, & have been working towards building a more minimalist wardrobe & owning pieces that work well with everything I own.

Now for the fashion show ..

Outfit 1:
Most common outfit. Literally wear this shirt weekly, with both leggings & jeans.

Shirt: Dex
Leggings: Lululemon
Slippers: Ugg

Outfit 2:
This blazer is new & has become an almost daily staple for meetings. Commonly paired over a t-shirt or blouse.

Blazer: Oak + Fort
Leggings: Lululemon
Slippers: Ugg

Outfit 3:
All Black Everything. Finally traded the leggings for some real pants.

Cardigan: Hello Mello
Blouse: Halogen Raw Edge Tank Blouse (Nordstrom)
Pants: Lululemon On The Fly

Outfit 4:
This was a ‘no meetings’ kinda day, which is super rare. So I took advantage of that & the rainy weather to dress on the comfy side.

Shirt: Aritzia (forever ago)
Leggings: Lululemon
Slippers: Ugg

Outfit 5:
T’was a casual week apparently, not many outside company meetings.

Sweater: L.L. Bean
Jeans: Paige

Last week was a meh week, not many meetings like normal & the weather has been totally all over. But I did it find it more motivating to get dressed up a little thanks to the daily pictures. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, we are potentially returning to a hybrid model at some point in October, so I’m crossing my fingers on that!


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