I Finally Got A Planner!

Finally! Finally! Finally!

After what feels like years of not owning a planner, I found one that I finally liked. I figured it was about time I got myself an agenda again.

I happened to find mine at Homesense, for a really good price. It is also a Aug 2021 – Jan 2022 planner, so I have been able to use it already, which I love. I started using it at the beginning of September & my life has already felt so much more organized & just crossing things off my list has felt amazing. No more loosing my to-do lists & I can finally keep track of work stuff nicer.

The agenda I got is from Fringe (I can’t find the same one online) but yeah I’m just so happy with it & gah I just love that it’s already got me staying organized & on-task!


One thought on “I Finally Got A Planner!

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