We Found Our Wedding Venue

We have been engaged for exactly 2 months now (how the time flies) and it’s been a busy start to an engagement! We were having difficulty figuring out where we wanted to get married & because we know we are also competing with everyone who not only are also newly engaged but also the cancelled weddings from COVID. We knew we wanted a local wedding but local up here can be Greater Toronto Area, or Downtown Toronto, there are just so many places to look at. Ultimately I shared that we hired a wedding planner because we did quite a few reach outs but we were not finding what we wanted & wanted to explore more options. She mentioned a few places that we would have never thought of & got us in to see them immediately. Two of the places she mentioned, we looked up & collectively fell in love with the location, & well we were at a loss with dates. We have literally spent the last (what feel like a month) few weeks going back & forth to find something that worked. && yes, after all that we finally got a date at one of the venues. I had to trash my idea of a cool blank space location, but we are excited to move on to the next steps in planning.

I can’t lie I was getting really, really frustrated & literally told ‘P’ that we should just forget ‘having a damn wedding & just elope’, looks like that won’t be happening, but I feel a little more secure now that we have a location, and a date.

Next step: tackling the invite list & sending out save the dates


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