We Hired A Wedding Planner

Let the wedding planning posts begin….

So i’m sure some people will say we took the easy way out of planning, but we like to think we took a practical route. We knew we had to get started on finding a venue asap, as availability is dwindling in late 2022 thanks to COVID pushing weddings but also all the other engagements that have happened. Since our lockdowns lasted so long, we’re pretty well competing with 3 years of engagements for dates right now ….
So we started looking into venues, doing reach outs, you name it. Only to realize that we clearly needed the help. We realized in a short amount of time that wedding planning is literally a full time job & we both have busier work schedules these days & honestly we wanted the help.

We did some research on wedding planners in the area, interviewed a few different planners & than had to make our decision. We weighed all the options, but ultimately went with someone who we liked (this is super important) & she knows her shit.

She sat with us for over 2 hours last week, in person, both to get to know us as a couple & also what each of our visions for the wedding are. She also had some great off the top of her head suggestions on venues, since we were a little torn. But we gave her our lists of wants & don’t wants, ideas, our vision, you name it. Ultimately & obviously the first step is nailing down our venue / date & then going from there. Which we knew but she also could not stress enough. So we are patiently waiting to hear back from her if the places we would like are available when we want, so we can go & see them.

It has been exciting to start the process, & i’m happy we made the decision to hire a wedding planner, & I can’t wait to work with her to plan our big day!


13 thoughts on “We Hired A Wedding Planner

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    • It honestly all depends, I would look them up in your area & set interviews up (we did this over zoom). we wanted to meet then & see if they understood our vision. Plus it’ll all depend if you want them to help with everything or the day of.


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