The One Where We Got Engaged

Just when I thought 2021 couldn’t get any better / more exciting, Mr P put a ring on it last week while we were away in Whistler, yes, I am still in complete shock.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but yes I was in complete utter shock because he literally told me we couldn’t afford a wedding/engagement ring thanks to the move, which I was like whatever it’ll happen when it happens. Plus his bestie was also away with us, so that had me really thinking it wasn’t.

To my complete surprise, it happened. We went on a walk at a nearby lake, and he wanted to take pictures of me with the mountains in the back, told me to face the mountain & then the second one he said turn around for another & boom he was on 1 knee. Let’s just say I was a ball of tears & we have no idea if I said yes, people were clapping from the rocks, & all I kept saying was put it on my finger. But yeah, so it happened & i’m still in shock & i just can’t believe he kept the ring hidden for like 2 months.

But yeah, I just love these pictures so damn much, I want to cry seeing them again!
I was so iffy about sharing pictures but these ones happen to hide his face & since Mr P doesn’t know about the blog still, I want to ensure that he doesn’t feel upset or anything re his privacy when I do tell him eventually.


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