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I was so tempted to title this one ‘Whoop (there it is)’ but it didn’t feel like the right fit, maybe eventually I’ll get to use that one….

So if you’ve been here a while, you could guess that I like wearable tech. In the past, I had two different Fitbits when they first came out, and then just over 3 years ago, I caved & splurged on an apple watch. I literally wore it daily, and unfortunately just days before Christmas my apple watch died on me & that was it. I ended up finding out it would cost more to try to fix it than to buy something new, I debating getting a new one but I wasn’t loving having an apple watch anymore, I felt toooo connected to technology (is that possible). So after months of debating & researching, I decided to purchase a Whoop Band.

I have now had my whoop band for just over three months now & it is safe to say I am loving it, it might not be the fanciest looking thing but I was completely intrigued with the technology. My brother had gotten one last May, & loved it, the name might also sound familiar because professional athletes have started wearing them. I am by no means even close to being an athlete but my tech geek side came out.

Before I talk more about the band, I know wearable tech isn’t for everyone & I totally get that, I live with someone who does not understand why people want to track steps, or sleep, or all that. And the following is just my experience, along with in no way an ad for the band.

My Quick Breakdown:

Cost: No costs associated with the strap, unless you want to buy a coloured one. I went with the free black one & got a coloured as well. So yes, no costs associated with the strap/device as long as you get the black one, however there is a monthly fee (depending on how long you choose the membership varies).

Battery Life: 5 day battery life, gone are the days of having the charge my device nightly. You can also charge while you wear it!

Comfort: very comfortable, and durable. Honestly don’t even notice i’m wearing it half the time. Also waterproof & dried super quick.

Data: Daily reporting on: strain, recovery and sleep. You get updates on when you should go to sleep based on how much you did during the day, and also personalized metrics. I won’t go into too much detail but here is a link to describe them all in depth (read here). But the data has really helped me learn more about my workouts & days, it is shocking to see the data & understand it.

Journal: Each morning, you are given a journal to fill in about the day before. They have so many options to not only include but also track. Everything from if you share your bed, to if you ate dairy or have a meat based vs plant based diet, to recording if you are jet-lagged, if you drank any alcohol the day before, ladies they even have reproductive health options to choose from to add to your journal (yes that impacts strain, sleep & recovery apparently). Again the list goes on & they are constantly adding things. They did also add 1st dose & 2nd dose options, & after you get them it gives you a break down on how it affected you, it was actually pretty cool to see. I also can’t lie, I love this journal option because it helps you see just what affects or helps your recovery & how ready for the day you are!

Activities: So many activities too choose from & they are constantly adding more. Its honestly a very very impressive amount of activities versus how many were available on the apple watch back when I had it! (this is not all them, I left the bottom half out since the spacing was off, but you can only imagine the activities that aren’t here, will shortly most likely be added!

Overall, I absolutely love this band. It does everything I want & more. It doesn’t nag me to stand up every hour & tells me about my sleep, my days, my weeks, and months in deep detail. I honestly love it & will continue to wear it to see just how much I can learn about myself from it. I do love the data more than the other trackers I’ve had in the past & can only imagine just how much more we’ll be able to get out of the Whoop Bands as the years go on. I fully understand why this is a cult favourite & why professional athletes/CEOS/etc are opting to wear them daily.

Do you have a whoop band? Let me know what you think?

Referral link: (every person that has a subscription is offered this – I am in no way affiliated with Whoop)

Get a free WHOOP strap and your first month free when you join with my link: join.whoop.com/#/EF95D2


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