I’m Fully Vaccinated!

Forget hot girl summer, It’s fully vaccinated summer over here!

I am honestly so thankful & beyond grateful to have been able to receive my 2nd dose.

(This is unfortunately the only picture I took & it got sent via snapchat to the girls, so don’t mind my vulgar language)

I knew that it would be a non-negotiable for me when my time came to receive the vaccine, I totally understand the hesitancies but I personally would rather be on the safer side, & have the opportunity to see my grandparents, family, & friends.

This past Monday, I was able to secure an appointment for my 2nd dose, which had me completely over the moon. We’re supposed to be going on a vacation to British Columbia at the beginning of July, so I’m just so thankful to have been able to get my vaccine before we jump on a plane.

I ended up being able to get it Monday evening (earlier this week), & I already feel so much more at ease these days, no more stressing about when it would be happening. Now we’re just waiting for ‘P’ to get his, & we’ll be good to go!

Unlike when I got my first dose, I felt totally fine the next day, which was completely shocking to me, since I was completely taken out the first time around. But by like 1:30 on Tuesday (the next day), I needed to take a nap, I felt completely drained & my arm was so sore, I literally couldn’t even lift my arm. So I ended up taking it easy, taking a few naps & just headed to bed really early that night. On Wednesday, I did wake up exhausted & with a sore arm, but by mid-day I was a little more alive. By yesterday, I felt like myself again & there was no arm pain finally!

I just feel so relieved to have been able to receive the opportunity & am super excited to know that all the measure’s here in Ontario are finally looking upward.


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