2021 Goals/Resolutions/Focus – Halfway Update

Happy Thursday everyone!!

So life is too short to just not post another blog post apparently. I have decided to do a quick update on how I am making out with my 2021 goals / resolutions / focus’. I really wanted a 2021 planner, but I couldn’t find one I liked so I gave up on that real quick, this just means I’ll be more on my game come August for 2022.

My main thing for 2021 was just to be happy & focus on my health really, so looking back on my post from January, has given me some good motivation there! I have also been really on top of health stuff & just making sure to make appointments & all that, so that for me is already a win!

2021 focus’:

  • Read 55 books: I have been making some good headway with this one, I am a little disappointed because I thought I would be farther along but life happens. I have officially read: 21 books (& have 2 on the go now)!
  • Post 1 blog a week: Definitely haven’t been sticking to this 100% but a few times I have posted multiple posts in one week so I like to think it honestly has evened out nicely.
  • Drink less often: So this one. I was doing okay, but I have now had two instances since 2021 rang in where I went a little too overboard (oops) & yes regretted it the next day. I did however cut down quite a bit, which was the overall goal. I did also attempt to give up drinking for lent which I might not have stuck to. But none the less, i’ve still felt a heck of a lot better now that i’m not drinking wine as often.
  • Think before reacting: I have been way more calm, besides one instance, but heck shit happened. Other than that, I now think before I get emotional & react in a more head strong way.
  • Continue to focus on my health: self care, choose healthy food options & drink more water!!: I am the queen of self care these days; I use a hair mask once a week, have been focusing on simple but effective skincare routines, you name it. I have been eating healthier & just being better about not binge eating (which is something I have struggled with for some time). The big one that i’m working on is drinking water, some days I drink allllll the water, others I don’t get enough. I’d like to say it evens out but I’m still trying to get through at least two or three of my 26oz water bottles a day.

I have been doing well staying on track health wise which feels so great & I hope to continue on this path because I definitely feel like a new woman at this point in the year.

Do you have any ‘focuses’ or ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ or anything that you manifested for 2021?
How have you been making out with your resolutions?


3 thoughts on “2021 Goals/Resolutions/Focus – Halfway Update

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