Keeping Up With Cass – May 2021

Well May flew by ….


Up here we have still been stuck in a lockdown so honestly not much happened. We did head up to the cottage on the weekends, which was really nice. I find we get outside a whole lot more when we are there so that is always a bonus.
We ended up buying a house & are officially moving in July. We totally did not plan this, we were slowly starting to look at houses, & ended up finding one we loved, put an offer in & the rest is now history. We are getting geared up to move to a cute, cozy, fully renovated century home (it’s over 100 yrs old). We’ll have a yard, a little pool & i’ll even have a little home office. Despite everything being closed, we have pretty well also finished all the majour shopping for right now, a few things we are waiting on until after we move in. It’s safe to say we are pretty darn excited for this next chapter.
We had a busy month getting the condo ready to sell, & all just slowly getting things ready to move. We got the condo staged slightly, so that meant lots of cleaning, moving things, you name it, but it paid off & the place sold right away! Now that that headache is gone, I can focus on organizing & getting things sorted/packed to move.
Reading: I barely read last month, it was one of those months where I was just busy with both work & with life. It happens, but i’m still on track to hit my goals.
Fitness wise: I didn’t end up starting the summer challenge that I planned to, but i am just trying to make sure i workout daily, whether it’s a walk, a bike ride, yoga, or something, I’m just making sure to move my body. I am also planning my workouts mainly around what my Whoop band tells me my energy is at for the day, which has made all the difference, I keep planning on writing something, so that’ll come soon hopefully. (Get a free WHOOP strap and your first month free when you join with my link:

What I’ve Been Watching:


  • Friends: The Reunion

Hay U:

  • Below Deck Sailing Yacht – S2
  • Love Island Australia – S2


  • Nancy Drew¬†
  • The Good Doctor

What Have I Been Reading:

  • The Royal Secret by Lucinda Riley
  • Kiss The Girls & Make Them Cry by Mary Higgins Clark
  • All About Us by Tom Ellen


Work has been going good, things have really been picking up for us which is totally amazing. I’m pretty well still juggling two jobs in one, which won’t be changing for a while anyways so mainly I’m just trying to get into a groove with that. But yeah, just been busy trying to get things done.

I have officially been in my volunteer role for just over a month now, and to be honest nothing has changed. I swear it’s just become more overwhelming as the days go by & it has me really deciding if I need this extra stress in my life. I have decided that I will give it another few weeks to see if anything changes before ultimately throwing in the towel (I really don’t want to do this but it might have to come to this). So we will see…

In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from May:

How was your May? Did anything exciting happen?


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