Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To – Part 2

Last May, I wrote a blog post about the Podcasts I had started listening to during my walks, you can read it here.

Almost a year later, i’ve realized I actually enjoy listening to some podcasts, I figured I should share an updated list because why the heck not! I still listen to podcasts when I go for a run or a walk, but now I sometimes even have one in the background during my workday. At first it was a little odd working while having someone talking in the background but it’s pretty much like having a ‘event speaker’ or a TV show on in the background.

The Non-Work Podcasts I listen to:

  • The Blonde Files
    This was on my first list & yes I still love it. Arielle Lorre is actually an influencer I’ve followed for a few years now, she has honestly the most amazing guests. I love that the focus is on health & wellness & just life in general really, she asks questions to the experts that honestly I think we all might wondering. I’ve already learned so much about my own health & even what to look for or mention to doctors, all thanks to the specialists she’s had on!
  • Breaking Beauty Podcast
    This was a new addition to my ‘loves’ list last spring probably. Jill & Carlene (the hosts) are Canadian Beauty Editors & this was the first beauty podcast i’ve ever listened to. I don’t listen to this one often but I honestly have learned so darn much thanks to them, & just how to care for my skin. They are the reason I now wear sunscreen every damn day.

Listen to the odd episode (depening on the topic or guests):

  • F1: Beyond the Grid
  • Chicks In The Office
  • The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman
  • Be Well by Kelly
  • Healthier Together with Liz Moody
  • Women @ Work
  • The Anxious Achiever
  • The Goal Digger Podcast

Subscribed but haven’t gotten to:

  • Ten Percent Happier (really looking forward to this one)
  • Celebrity Book Club
  • Earn Your Happy
  • How I Built This

I know we probably don’t have the same interests, mine are clearly geared towards health & wellness, and now marketing/boss babe, with the odd gossip episode to mix things up! Plus it’s been nice to listen & learn new things!

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what is your favourite?
Do you have any podcast recommendations, I should check out, leave a comment & let me know!  


5 thoughts on “Podcasts I’m Currently Listening To – Part 2

  1. Im so jealous of people who can listen to podcasts haha they usually are also the people who can listen to audiobooks. I’ve tried but get soooooo distracted. Even when I am doing other things like walking or doing my nails. I just can’t get into them! I wish I could

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