Athli ‘Posh Home Body’ – Program Review

Since I am still working out at home, I decided to give a new workout plan a go. At the beginning of February, Linn Lowes (a swedish fitness trainer) dropped her own app with new workout plans. I had previously completed two of her plans (fit from home, Strong & lean) via the ‘Fitplan app’ & not only saw crazy results but fell in love with working out again / gained confidence. So when I heard she was dropping her own app, I decided to not renew my Fitplan subscription & give hers a try, & my goodness it was worth the wait.

She has a few plans to choose from & with not only my limited equipment but also limited space, I chose to try the ‘Posh Home Body‘ plan. It was a 56 day plan (8 weeks), that had 5 workouts a week – 3 workouts / 2 outdoor walks/cardio sessions.

My thoughts:

I didn’t see as good results as I had from previous gym plans but I did stick to the weekly schedule & workouts which is something I haven’t usually done, so shockingly I completed the 8 week plan in 8 weeks. That was just a good feeling in itself. I think if i did the plan again, I could see more results but there was some minimal changes which is worth celebrating. If you like weights & working out, the workouts might seem a little easy to you, some days I felt discouraged because of that. But if you are like me & need a calendar / a plan, I would recommend it just because it was a great motivator to add more variety to my usual home workouts. I found the most frustrating part the app, might be because I was used to the high tech Fitplan app, but it is still new & i’m sure everything will get ironed out over time. This plan was also a nice balance of weights, hiit & cardio.

Overall, I do really love her plans & her style of workout. I think they work best for me & my body type, so I’ll 100% be doing another plan of hers. She has a few home plans on the app now which is exciting & provides some variety, so now I just have to pick which one to try next. I have found that working out in the mornings is probably the only thing that has kept me sane this last year. Plus I love the challenge of completing a program & seeing how far I can push myself.

Have you been working out from home? What workouts have you been trying?


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