Lockdown #3

I think that title says it all.

Up here in Canada, better yet let’s narrow it right down to where I am, Ontario. Things are an absolute (excuse my language) shit show.

We just went into Lockdown #3, and it is supposed to last another month.

This is going to feel like a long month. The worst part is things literally just opened up here, we had almost a 2 month lockdown that literally just ended right before March. So it’s a quick turn around for another one & most places/services didn’t even get to open up for a week. I just feel so bad for small and local businesses right now, they are getting the brunt end. But honestly, we are so behind on vaccinations & all that. Oh & too make it worse, one of the US news stations was making fun of us last week, that is how you know things are being handled very badly. Safe to say, the second I am eligible, I will be getting that darn vaccine.

Personally, I don’t think I can mentally, or emotionally make it through another lockdown. I won’t go into too much detail but I am 1000% feeling it. I am 1000% technology fatigued & just plain old exhausted, day in & day out. I have been trying to move & get outside but nothing feels like it is enough these days. So we’ll see how the rest of the month goes…
I’ll just be over here trying to stay sane!

Canada/Ontario fiends: how are you feeling with this lockdown / shutdown that just started?
Are you finding this one harder to cope with as well?


17 thoughts on “Lockdown #3

  1. Honestly I am just annoyed that teachers don’t have the vaccine yet. And I’m angry that its taking so long to roll out our vaccines and that my dad has to wait so long for his second dose and now its like a 4 month wait between doses?!

    I think we have it worse in Toronto because we have been in the Grey zone since November. Its a long time of just constant strictness and without numbers getting better.

    My school just declared an outbreak in the building I work in (2 nursery teachers and 3 nursery babes) so we are home anyway. Im glad we can be safe and work from home. But also, I just want to have normalcy back a little bit!! I was crying and emotional for about a week when I got to see my dad. Thankfully that 5 mins with him calmed a lot inside.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling this so hard! Always here if you need a vent!

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    • I’m annoyed it’s taking so long too. My grandparents who are in their late 80s/early 90s got theirs but have to wait, my dad who is a pharmacist finally got his the week before the pharmacies started to vaccinate …. it’s a mess.
      That’s so true, I forgot Toronto hadn’t really come out of lockdown.
      ALSO, that is so scary that your school had another outbreak, i’m glad your able to work from home. And I’m so glad you got to see your dad, that is so nice.
      Same here, you can vent to me anytime!

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      • This is our first outbreak. Before it was isolated cases, siblings and a husband/wife. We had one gr 12 student and one jk test positive last week, totally unconnected but then our nursery lol oooo man! No masks for the babes so 2 staff and 3 littles. 😫 when its 2 connected not in the same family its an outbreak. But at least we are home safe.

        Our government is acting stupid right now and frankly I’m over it. I will continue to follow rules because I’m in a hot spot but I just can’t wait to get out of this city lol I will still follow rules but maybe not sooooo strictly as here.

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      • Oh no, that’s scary I can’t lie. But at least your home safe!!

        I agree 1000% they aren’t acting appropriately and it’s not doing us any good 🤷‍♀️

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  2. I think the most frustrating thing about this lockdown is we’re so close to the finish line and a lot of people are seeing that as freedom to go back to life as normal. I don’t know if you saw the video online of the crowds at Yorkdale this weekend, but what in the world are those people doing?? And how does the government allow that?

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  3. Hang in there Cass. It sucks for sure. Lockdowns are dumb. The world needs to move on. In my opinion, old people and people with pre-existing conditions that are more susceptible to COVID should self-quarantine. However, the rest of us need to have freedom. The business owners, like you said, are getting screwed. They did nothing wrong yet our government’s overreach is ruining them. I think we should all have the freedom to do what we want. If a person doesn’t want to go out, then don’t, but don’t ruin life for the rest of us.


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    • It definitely does, I mean I am happy to stay in & all that to keep others safe & not catch it myself. But the vaccine roll out here is very slow compared to the US. The government hasn’t been handling it well & they keep big box stores open but close the little ones but they’ve had the better measures in place the whole time, so I just feel bad!

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      • I don’t know much about Canada but here in America it’s going pretty well. My wife and I already got both doses of the Moderna vaccine because we are both educators. Certain essential workers are a priority here in the US such as frontline health workers and educators. The hope is that we can all go back to school. Well, that’s been slow going but we are indeed back to school, just starting full days all five days a week as of yesterday. Bottom line, this all sucks and it’s just a bridge time that hopefully we’ll never have to revisit every again.

        Hang in there CD. It’s gonna be ok.



  4. I am from New Delhi, India and here the night curfew had again started and few other states in India. But, it terms of getting people vaccine, we are still far away from getting the at least 50% people vaccinated.

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