Participating in The Captain’s Quiz 2: Lost in the Quiz

It’s my first time participating in The Captain’s Quiz, this one is quiz number 2 ‘Lost in the Quiz’. I won’t explain the rules Paul has here because that would probably tempt you to avoid going over to his page & and reading/taking his quiz yourselves, which yes before you ask, there is still time to get your posts done to compete.

Now onto the questions:


  1. What is the best hiding spot in your current place of residence?
    LOL the balcony, or the closet. There isn’t really any good hiding places here, can behind the curtains count?
  2. The person walking in front of you drops $20 on the ground and doesn’t notice. What do you do?
    Pick it up & catch up to them to return it. You can’t keep it in a situation like this, if it was just sitting there maybe but not when you see it fall. Be a good person.
  3. In elementary school, I read a book called, Lost in the Barrens. What is a book you read in school and what do you remember about it?
    I have no recollection, but outside of school, I read alllll the Harry Potter books when they came out (yes that happened while I was in elementary school), & all of the princess diary books, I loved those books.
  4. In Eminem’s song, “Lose Yourself”, he says: “There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” Describe, in detail, your ideal pasta meal.
    OMG I have been waiting for this. ‘P’ makes us pasta & this is legit our go-to.
    The pasta type varies on what we have in the cupboard, but other than that, we do an olive oil pasta. In it we have steamed broccoli, bacon & sautéed shrimp. On the side we usually have a glass of red wine, & always garlic bread. Just writing this out, has me craving it.
  5. If you and a partner went on The Amazing Race, would you be the driver, or the navigator in the backseat with a map? Explain your choice.
    UHHHHHH I would like to say the navigator, but let’s be real, ‘P’ would just do both, so I would just sit in the backseat & look out the window. Why? I am a heck of a lot more of a timid driver than he is, think tow-truck driver but not that crazy, that is how he drives when he is in a rush, so no driving for me. And I get my rights & lefts mixed up under pressure, so he would just get annoyed.
  6. In Home Alone 2, Kevin (a 10-year-old boy) ended up in New York by himself, while his entire family was in Florida. What is something you did when you were 10-years-old, that “kids these days” wouldn’t understand?
    Played outside? Does that count? Also, what was a cell phone & ipad back then, heck even technology. I coloured, played outside, read books & played with my barbies.
  7. Is Tic-Tac-Toe a fair game?
    Not at all. I hate it, but we always used to play it at Jack Astors if we went there …
  8. Velma, from the Scooby-Doo series, is known for losing her glasses. If you were a character in a TV show, what would you be known for?
    Uh, I would probably be known for being really sassy. I am probably the sassiest person you’ll meet.
  9. What causes you to lose your temper?
    LOL, everything these days. I’m leaving it at that.
  10. How many contacts in your phone have you not communicated with in the last three years?
    Probably 95% of the contacts in my phone. I am horrible at keeping in touch with people. I probably only talk to like 5 people regularly.


  • Think about items you might find in a Lost & Found. Now, draw as many of those items as you can in 60 seconds. Share your picture.
  • Text someone, “I can’t find my phone.” What is their reply?
  • You are alone in a city you’ve never been to, and have $500 to spend. What city are you in? What places do you go to? What do you spend your money on?
    DO I HAVE TO PICCK ONE SPOT!!!! Why make this so hard on me.
    I would probably want to be stuck in Europe somewhere, I have always wanted to go to the northern part of Italy or Spain. So probably a city there. I would spend the $500 (is it in Canadian? What currency are we talking about), on a place to sleep that night, and on food, let’s be real I would eat my way through either of those countries & would gladly spend all my money on those two things. But I would like to obviously add in some sight seeing too, so depending where I end up, if it’s northern Italy I would do a wine tour, if Spain it would maybe be a wine tour as well, or just a tour around the city.

So there you have it! Can’t wait to see how I do, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

There is still time to get your participation posts in, click here to read all the rules and just make your own post!


6 thoughts on “Participating in The Captain’s Quiz 2: Lost in the Quiz

  1. Haha why am I picturing you hiding behind a curtain and someone being like, what are you doing, we see you. The garlic bread with pasta meal is a nice touch. I’m really making myself hungry reading everyone’s answer to that.

    Thanks for doing this, good luck!

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