We Survived A Year

It’s official ‘P’ & I have lived together in the condo for a year & a week now. Crazy how time flies these days.

We moved in together literally right before the world shut down, which definitely wasn’t easy & believe me, there were times where I had no idea if we would even make it out alive. But here we are, we did it, & i’m happy I can say we did.

So i’m just going to have some fun with this post, & obviously because he doesn’t know about my blog I’m going to share some things that I have learned that ‘P’ hates.

I don’t think anyone is ready for this:

  • My shower cap
    Yes, I use a shower cap to keep my hair from getting wet on my ‘non-hair washing days’. He hates it so much, that I made sure to buy a $5 three pack. So obviously every once in a while I’ll switch which one I use, just to throw him off even more.
  • When I use self-tanner
    Apparently this is a biggie & should probably be number 1 on this list (even though the order doesn’t matter). I have used self tanner for years, mainly in the winter like once a week just to not be like ghostly pale, however I learned that this is like the bane of his existence. He also has this weird love for white towels & sheets, which really show the self-tanner marks on them. So somehow I have sort of made it without tanning, I do it from time to time but have to be very strategic about it.
  • Plants
    Yes, you read that right. He hates plants for no reason, what has the plant ever done to him. We have a few around the condo to add greenery, but i’m the one who keeps them alive. Would I like more? Obviously but i’m at my limit which is apparently 2 …. He does oddly enough pick out very nice flower arrangements for the kitchen table, which is a little secret of ours, but that’s about all he’ll do on the plant front. But at least there is a little greenery around.
  • Running low on anything
    So this is an interesting one. He loves to just be stocked up on things. Like we always have at least 2 of things so we don’t run out. Laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, any cleaning supplies. He does buy in bulk a lot which does drive me nuts, like who needs 15 deodorants & body washes just sitting in the cupboard …
  • Leftovers
    Yes, another shocker. We do not keep left overs unless it is something I can use for lunch the next day. But we do not have leftover, schmorgus board dinner nights.

I kept this at 5 because I could really deep dive for more, but despite his weird ocd for clean counter tops & stocking up for doomsday. We made it, while living in under 800 square feet together. Here’s to at least another year in the condo together (since according to him we aren’t allowed to move thanks to the housing boom going on). I think we have this small space living down to a science at this point, so we’ll see.


12 thoughts on “We Survived A Year

  1. First of all WOOHOO! That’s amazing!

    I like to stocked up on things that are annoying to run out of. Like deodorant haha! I will usually buy 4-5 at a time.

    But I need to know some reasons for things! Like why does he hate your shower cap? LOL seems like a silly thing to hate πŸ˜‚ and plants? Why does he hate them?

    Leftovers seems to be thing with lots of people. But I legit live off of them! I cook Saturday morning for the whole week. Plan two different meals and cook them and portion them out into 7 dinners and I don’t have to cook all week! Hehe

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    • Thank youu!!

      OMG, i get having an extra bottle, but being tooo over stocked stresses me out. At least you only store like 4 or 5 at a time.

      Right! I have no idea. I just don’t think he understands why I have a shower cap, and can’t just wet my hair every time I step into the shower like he does. But right, like what has a plant ever done to him.

      That sounds amazing. If i plan it right I can usually have lunch the next day, but I would love to not have to cook every night, you are living the life there

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      • Haha! Guys just don’t understand the hair situation most girls have going on! I wash mine every day but I also cut mine with kitchen scissors and its like an inch long under my wig πŸ˜‚ and it means I don’t have to wash my wig as much if my scalp/natural hair is clean.

        And oh man! Im just too exhausted to cook every day! And I live with too many people. I have to be careful cos I think half my illness last week was from food I cooked and by the time I got to eating it, it had been too many days in the fridge haha sometimes I freeze half of it but some things don’t freeze well. Its hard to plan out sometimes!

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      • Right! And oh my, that sounds like a lot of washing, but at least you don’t have to wash your wig often!

        That totally makes sense. But oh noo, hopefully it was only because of that. But yeah, maybe freeze them more often? Hopefully you don’t get sick again

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      • Haha when I had regular hair I would wash every other day, otherwise it was too oily.

        Haha yeah! It was a silly mistake on my part not paying attention to what I was making lol I am usually pretty good with it

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