My Easy, Go-To Zoom Make-up

No one asked for this post, but I clearly have no ideas about what to write about, hence the lack of posting any sort of blog posts on my end. So here we are, plus this is a little ‘I’m still here & alive, slowly writing blog posts’.

With my current job, I am still working from home these days, however I have what feels like a million Zoom meetings. Zoom meetings with my team, zoom meetings with investors, zoom meetings with possible new partners, you name. I have also never been one for make-up, literally would die without mascara but that’s it. However, being stuck behind a screen, I have come to realize that make-up for zoom goes a hell of a long way. Plus I mean I’m sitting there just looking at myself for the whole call so you are more aware of your appearance. There are days I don’t wear it, but those are pre-calculated & literally only when I have ‘team’ stuff.

Since I have never been a make-up gal, I wanted not only the most simple routine, but also kept me looking natural, and not caked on with makeup. It’s taken a heck of a lot of trial & errors but I think I finally got it. I also have officially tried like 16 different foundations in the past 2 weeks & might have found my new holy grail.

Alright so let’s get on with it. I’m sure I apply everything in the wrong order, so don’t judge me.

So after I do my morning skincare which includes using SPF every darn day, I start by putting on my mascara. I do this first because I always smudge it so i’d rather just clean it up before I get to anything else. If I put on eyeshadow, i’ll obviously change this all around but yeah.

So first mascara, I personally love Too Faced ‘Better than Sex’ & I only buy travel sizes in these now to really use them up. I’m out of it atm so I’m just using a free travel size one I found. My second step is applying my light weight foundation. I just started using the Armani Beauty Neo Nude Foundation in a shade 3.5 & I personally really like it. I think it’s a little light for my skin atm, so I’m actually going to check in store and see if they can perfectly match me. But i’ll definitely need a darker shade come summer. It is literally perfect for a no-makeup look where you just want to even out your skin. It’s perfect for light coverage 1000%.

After I fill in my brows with either the Benefit ‘Precisely my brow’ pencil or Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow+’ gel. This just makes them feel a little more put together & less unrulely until I go get them cleaned up properly, but this has been my new go-to on the daily.

I also put a small swipe of blush on my cheek bones and then apply tiny, tiny amount of highlighter on the high part of my cheekbones & then on my nose. I’m sure I don’t use it right but i’m trying. I just bought the Saie ‘Glowy Super Gel’. I want to ‘mix it with my foundation’ like it says but i’m so nervous about how shiny I might look, but one of these days, maybe i’ll try that. If i’m wearing nothing on my face but mascara, i’ll usually put a little of this on just to feel glowy.

To finish up, I will swipe on some tinted lip gloss or if I have a million meetings back to back, i’ll apply some lipstick since it stays on longer. Again if i’m in back to back stuff or need it to last all day with meetings, i’ll also spray my face with Tarte’s 4-in-1 Setting Mist to just lock it all in.

Since i’m so proud of myself, here is the finished product
(for some reason it looks more cakey in the picture than in person but that’s life)

Now this post was semi-exhausting but surprisingly I actually had some fun with it!

Make-up wearing friends, how do you navigate make-up these days?
Any make-up tips or must try’s for a make-up newbie?


9 thoughts on “My Easy, Go-To Zoom Make-up

  1. Since I was online for January and most of February, I downgraded from what I usually do (full eyes) to mascara only LOL for both online and in person haha

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