Matcha Mornings

Most weekdays I have a mid-morning matcha just to mainly curb any mid-morning ‘i want to snack’ thoughts / temptations. I also am so not a coffee person (don’t get at me about this), I literally just hate the smell. So obviously I needed a stronger pick me up, to my usual teas, insert Matcha. Matcha is the purest form of green tea, it’s basically the leaves just crushed down. I have now been making my own Matcha Lattes for the past two years or so & really can not go back to ‘treating myself’ to one from a coffee shop, it’s not the same & I find those to be wayyy to sugary which says something if it’s coming from me. I also feel like it’s taken forever but I think I might have mastered my at-home matcha these last few weeks & it’s been so amazing.

My Matcha Recipe:

  • Pure Matcha – I use the brand Amoda (I promise you can tell the difference between matcha’s once you have a good one!)
  • Organika Enhanced Collagen (the only collagen I 1000% trust / you also can’t taste it)
  • Splash of Almond Milk (I use the unsweetened ones)
  • Hot Water
  • Sometimes I add a little drop of honey if I want something sweet

How I make my Matcha

  • Boil hot water
  • Pour a small amount of hot water into your cup
  • Then pour a small amount of Almond milk (or your milk of choice)
  • Add a spoonful of collagen and Matcha
  • (if you like it sweeter, add your honey, or sweetner here)
  • Pour into a small blender
  • Blend quickly, and not for long
  • Then pour into your cup
  • Add more hot water to fill your cup
  • Pour back into the blender & blend quick
  • Pour back into your cup
  • Enjoy!!

I honestly promise it’s a heck of a lot easier than that looks, if I was better organized I would make a video of it, which I honestly just thought of so maybe that will have to be done shortly. With the blending, I usually use a little hand milk frother to do the mixing, but I keep forgetting to bring it from the condo so I’ve been improvising & the blender actually blends everything a whole lot nicer. And I think it just makes it quicker too!

Do you like Matcha?
If so, what is your go to Matcha brand and/or Matcha drink?
If you don’t like Matcha, what is your go to mid-morning pick me up?


7 thoughts on “Matcha Mornings

  1. So reading this I saw “mid morning tears” not teas LOL

    I have not had matcha in a drink form but don’t like it in food so I stay away from it haha

    But what is collagen and why do you use it?

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    • LOL honestly tears could work too.

      Matcha is definitely not for everyone, I found it tough at first but now I just love it.

      I was told to stop using protein powder & switch to this, probably because it’s easier on the gut which i have issues with. But basically collagen helps with digestive health, hair, skin and nails / anti-aging.

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