My ‘Work From Home’ Set Up

Happy Monday!
Has it been a stressful Monday for you too, or was it just me?

It has officially been one month of me working at my new job! Which it literally has not felt like a month, I swear time just keeps on flying bye for some odd reason. But it’s also been one whole month (minus 2 days since I was able to go into work the first two days) since the Christmas lockdown was extended & we’ve been on lockdown ever since. So it’s taken me a little while to get into a groove, but I think I finally have it, I also did like a serious Amazon haul where I got a bunch of stuff for my desk that has made working from home so much better already. Here is what my set up looks like, & yes that is a bed sheet on a white foldable table

Clearly I really like the whole pink/white aesthetic.

Items from Amazon (+ links, so you can find them if you want them for your own set up):

But honestly I just love my little set up & having a designated work space has really helped keep me motivated & ready to get my stuff done. Despite missing the condo & seeing my man daily, I am really enjoying being up north & having my own workspace, plus the snowy back drop really makes this look even prettier.
I’m even debating if I should buy a plant for my little make shift work from home space.

Are you working from home?
What is your work set up like?
Do you have any go-to items you think my desk needs?


9 thoughts on “My ‘Work From Home’ Set Up

  1. You’re still not back from up north? How long are you staying?

    Your work space looks so nice! I wish I had a better one, or at least a better chair 😂 but we go back in the 16th even though the city is still under stay at home orders. And only have to teach until Wednesday this week haha so the bad chair is ok

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    • I still am! I’ve been back & forth a few times, but honestly until things start to open back up, i’ll probably keep working from here.

      Thank you! It’s taken so long to get to this point, but I totally feel you on the chair, I have a wooden one with a blanket on it & I swear my butt constantly hurts!

      But yay! you don’t have much longer teaching online, that is so exciting!!!

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      • Aw its nice to have your little get away! But sad you have to be away from your condo for so long! It feels like you just moved in and decorated haha!

        Oh man my chair! Its one of those ikea proang chairs? Which you cant sit up properly in. So I have a bed reading pillow I put in the bottom of the seat which helps me sit up almost properly 😂

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      • Honestly it finally started to feel like home & then everything shut down & it just made living/wfh impossible. I can’t lie i do miss it but it’s definitely nice having an actual work spot and not being stuck at the kitchen table.

        OH NO, I know exactly which one, and my back is sore just thinking of it. My goodness, that alone is a struggle

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      • Awww that’s so sad! Well hopefully you’ll be back with P soon!

        Haha yes! Its a bit of a struggle but now I have a good-ish system set up 😂 just no need/room for a proper desk chair.

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      • It’s okay, we’ll survive being apart a little (LOL).

        Good gosh, honestly the chair struggle in 10000% real, & you’ll be back in a proper teachers chair soon!

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  3. I love you set up and aesthetic! I’m currently working from home and my set up is similar to this. I think I need to add a ring light and humidifier though! One go to item I would suggest is a laptop stand, I got mine from amazon and is just great to ensure your laptop is at the right eye level to help with your posture!

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    • Thank you, glad you like it! I highly recommend a light ring & a humidifier, they have been total game changers for me.
      Good to know, I’ll definitely have to look into a laptop stand now, thank you


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