Hello 2021

Hello 2021

Anyone else happy that 2020 is officially over & we can focus on the new year? I know I am!

This year I decided not to wrap up 2020 like I normally would so i’ll quickly share a little recap on how my goals went last year before I jump into my hopes & resolutions for this upcoming year.

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any life updates from 2020:

Very quick 2020 goal update:

  • Read 50 books – roughly 4 books a month: Done & dusted this one. 67 books completed in 2020!!
  • Actually sticking to a budget: Kind of .. I mean I definitely didn’t spend much in general but spending on things like food, went up. But I honestly stopped tracking after March …
  • Take more pictures: I had all the hopes for this one, but I totally didn’t keep up with this one.
  • Drink more water: Again, this one was off to a great start but then I fell off with this. I have been drinking more water lately which has been nice.
  • Eat more veggies: This is hit or miss. I love veggies & feel so much better when i’m eating them often, but some days that just doesn’t happen.
  • Practice my interview skills: I did practice a lot & clearly it paid off!
  • Post 1 blog post a week: Again, this was hit or miss. Some weeks there was nothing, other there was multiple. So I don’t know.

So now I can officially leave 2020 in the past & focus on 2021. I was planning on buying a 2021 calendar but then couldn’t find one I liked so that fell through real quick ..
It was hard to think of goals or resolutions for this year. My main focus is to be happy & continue to focus on my health. So I really don’t have any big things I want to accomplish just yet, those goals will probably come as the year goes on! I also am going to refer to everything this year as my focus, because goal just doesn’t seem right.

2021 focus’s:

  • Read 55 books
  • Post 1 blog a week
  • Drink less often
  • Think before reacting
  • Continue to focus on my health: self care, choose healthy food options & drink more water!!

I am ready to see what the new year brings my way!

Do you have any ‘focuses’ or ‘goals’ or ‘resolutions’ or anything you want to manifest for 2021?
Do you stick with your resolutions?

Happy 2021 everyone!


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