My Friday Was Interesting …

I don’t usually share full posts about what happens in my day to day life, but this is important and will also serve as a little PSA to everyone!

So yesterday, it was a interesting Friday. I was in work meetings all day, got a surprise visit while at work from Aunt Flow (felllas don’t worry about that part), I was super emotional and just drained from all the writing I had to do. I looked at my phone right before the end of my work day, and to my surprise I had credit card charges. Yes, someone got my information and tried to spend around $400 on my card in a few different purchases. Just great right.

So obliviously not i’m driving to my parents cottage straight from work and I spent the whole drive (an hour and a half) trying to get through to TD Bank. Well guess who never got through to anyone, this girl. I get to the cottage, my dad calls and gets someone right away, what a waste of time right.

So after finally talking to person 1, they transfer me to someone else. At this point, i’m cranky, and starving and just want the day to be over. Person 2, tells me on the phone that I can expect a new card in 10 business days, best part is with the holiday’s coming up around the corner, I am pretty well going to be credit card less for like a month. Mind you, I use the card for groceries, gas, paying condo fees, you name it, so this is about to be an interesting little bit. Person 2 also apologizes for the fact that i couldn’t get through fr an hour and a half & then tells me, that if I called from the TD App (yes this is apparently a thing I had no idea about) they basically jump those people to the front of the call line. So now, i’m even more upset because I’m like why can’t they just keep the que going.

So after all that fun, I’m expecting to see the charges removed in 10 – 20 business days & awaiting a new credit card. Which is no problem at all, I guess this will keep me from aimlessly spending money on things I don’t need for a while, I do have a credit card linked to ‘P’s since he would send me for stuff that was to be expensed through work so it made sense & is I guess kind of for emergencies but he has so graciously told me I could use his card for the next little bit (obviously I’ll be paying him back), but I was so stressed about the whole situation in general. But since it’ll be connected to his account, it’ll also help me think twice before online shopping as well. So stay tuned for the eventual post about that, cause I’m sure one day i’ll have the energy to write that up. But thankfully I was proactive this year and got all my shopping done early, otherwise I would be so screwed with Christmas.

BUT now I’ve rambled on and if you’re still reading, I am sorry for that. Moral of this whole story: check your credit card statements regularly. Thankfully i’m just a nutcase about this stuff, and literally check my accounts daily or ever other day, but I promise it’ll help for if a situation like this arises. I know it’s common and happens all the time, but the first time it happens to you, it’s a little scary, this was the first time it happened to me and all I kept feeling was overwhelmed and sort of violated that my card information got stolen.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to any of you, but like I said, check your statements regularly and know what’s happening in your accounts!


7 thoughts on “My Friday Was Interesting …

  1. Oooo girl NOOOO!!
    I had someone try to charge $6000 to my credit card once (the limit) and then they tried to do $1.99 itunes purchases but the card was already flagged as fraud lol but my replacement card came after a day or two. Thankfully I don’t use it for much. I ignored the fraud text thinking it was scam and found out when I tried to order uber about a week later haha!

    I also had my phone number stolen and my paypal account hacked – both within 30 mins of each other lol that was a horrible day!

    I hope you are still able to have lots of happy memories for the holiday!


    • OH MY GOSH!! You have had it way worse so I really can’t complain, that is horrible and I’m so sorry all that happened to you!

      The upside to this is i’ll be able to save money, but it still sucks, but it’s definitely adding to ‘it’s 2020’ theme

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      • Having to wait so long for a replacement is worse! All my things were resolved in a day or two. But nothing too much was affected (aside being without a phone for a few hours one evening) stressful but nothing like waiting a month for a new card. I hope it comes quickly!!

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  2. CD, Don’t worry so much and don’t take it personal. It’s not you, it’s just fraud. I’ve had fraud so many times it’s ridiculous. I mean, I’ve had this problem at least a handful or ten times.

    Here’s my advice: Make sure you have multiple credit cards. I have a Discover, a Visa, and a Mastercard. I’m not sure if Canada is much different than America, but get multiple cards, especially ones that can be used worldwide.

    As for the app thing, that sucks major. I’d be pissed at that! These companies are so lame. I don’t blame you for being mad. Oh well, at least you don’t have to pay for that fraud.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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