I’m Addicted To Love Island UK

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Hi, my name is Cass and I think I am addicted to Love Island UK….

So addicted is a very strong word, so I probably shouldn’t say addicted because it is taking me a while to get through the 58 episode season. Yes you read that right!! I won’t go into too much detail because I wouldn’t want to spoil anything with my blabbering about the show if someone is just starting the season.

So I started watching Love Island UK: Season 5 a few weekends ago and I definitely am hooked. Why did I start on season 5 you might ask, well my brothers girlfriend said that was the season you have to start with because that is the best season & they will hook you. Well, well, well, she was freaking right. I am maybe only 30 episodes in, which is a serious achievement in itself, so don’t get me wrong, but I can see why it’s just an easy show to watch and even just have on in the background (unless your like me & have to focus really hard when European accents make their way on your screen – don’t get me wrong I love a good accent). Plus, I think the fact that my days feel long as anything and it’s easy to watch, probably isn’t helping that I like the show. But for now, i’ll just keep slowly trekking through season 5 and maybe, just maybe after i’m done, i’ll go back and start at season 1 but only time will tell with that!

Have you watched ‘Love Island’? Yes, UK, US or any of them count. I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

Also, i’m just spit balling here but I would be so down to start a ‘Love Island Anonymous’ Club ….. Because I could use someone else to vent to about the show & others might need that too. JUST SAYING!!!


5 thoughts on “I’m Addicted To Love Island UK

  1. I watched season 2 of the US version of Love Island this summer. I enjoyed it but about halfway through it felt like no one was going to leave the relationship they were in so any new arrivals were pretty much shut down. Oh and Season 2 was on a Las Vegas rooftop because of Covid so that was interesting.

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