3 Weeks Down!

I am so happy it’s a Saturday!

So as of yesterday, I have been at my new job for 3 full weeks, as you could have guessed from my lack of being social or even posting anything at all, it’s been an adjustment! I’ve just been exhausted so I literally just become one with the couch after staring at a laptop/phone all day, the last thing I want to do is be online.

So overall, I really like the people which is totally important, everyone is super nice & welcoming & even better, extremely open to helping me learn & all that fun stuff.

I did have to buy work boots, yes like construction work boots, I never in my life thought I would be working a job where I would have to wear work boots. I wore them yesterday for the first time & my goodness, I don’t know how people do it. They are so heavy & uncomfortable & yes, really not pretty. But yes, i’m dreading the day I need to wear a hard hat….

Other than trying to adjust to a new job, adjusting to a very set schedule has been tough. I am at work everyday in the office from 8:30 – 5, this is literally the first job I might have ever had where you actually have set hours, despite all my complaining about my previous jobs, I took a whole lot for granted & I see that now! So the hours alone have just killed my energy levels.

So other than all that, it’s been going well & i’m still adjusting but I am enjoying it. I’m also just so thankful to have a job that is more structured because lord knows I definitely needed a reality check in that sense!
Fingers crossed it keeps going up from here!

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