After 6 months of being unemployed, applying to upwards of 150 jobs (yes, I kept track of each & every one), & even hiring someone to help me out with my resume/LinkedIn/all that fun stuff, it has finally happened & I could not be happier!

So today, I sent back all the signed documents & I officially start working a new career as a marketing coordinator for a local renovation company. Totally a new industry for me, but I am so ready for the challenge.

Being hired during Covid & in the weird space of covid cases going back up, is going to be weird. They’ve already gone through the protocols: masks when you leave your desk, temperature taking every Monday morning, you name it. Plus another change will be going from working from home & making my own hours to actually working in an office Monday to Friday for set hours (wish me luck) this is about to be a first for me. But that being said, I officially will finally have a job that will give me benefits (after my probation period) but this is big, I haven’t had benefits since my parents stopped covering me, so i’m excited about that.

So on that note, yes i’m excited to be getting out of the house & back to working. Am I nervous? Hell yeah, being the new girl is always tough & obviously I just want this to work out better than the last job I had!

I also have only 11 days until I start working & I hope that is enough time to figure out what in the hell is business casual with a construction company ..

Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to pour myself a nice big glass of wine because it’s officially official!


8 thoughts on “I GOT A JOB!

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