Linn Lowes’ Fit From Home Program – Review

A few months ago I completed  Linn Lowes Strong & Lean plan on the Fitplan app (you can read my little review here) & totally fell back in love with working out! After completing it, I decided to give another one of Linn’s plans a try, I got 15% through ‘Booty X Body Boost’ but then after we got back from our trip to San Fran & Palm Springs, I decided to stop that one since I was not ready to mainly train the booty & start the Strong & Lean Series 2.0 plan. That one was going amazing, I got 20% through that but then Covid hit & the gyms closed & well you know the rest. So I decided to start her ‘Fit From Home’ series.

It is another 12 weeks long plan & has you working our from home instead of the gym, only 4 times a week. Not bad right. All you need is a set of dumbells, some bands & a yoga mat, if you don’t have them you can improvise!

Unlike before, I’m not going to do a pro or cons list because that wouldn’t be fair!

Overall, I found the workouts to be okay compared to what I’m used to, but I have never been a workout at home type person. But honestly I feel like I had to learn to love working out from home over the past few months. The workouts were not too challenging at the time of the workouts but then I would be sore for days after so I guess they were tougher than they looked, but in true Linn fashion they did get harder as the weeks went on! A few times I had to modify because I didn’t have something, etc but honestly I just wish I did this one on schedule & maybe I would have seen some better results, considering it took me 5 months to complete the program but its very important to listen to your body. I am glad I am done it, it felt like it’s been going on forever.

I do love Linn’s styles of workouts & really think they work best for me & my body type, I did unfortunately cancel my gym membership because there was no way I was paying insane prices just to workout in a little bubble. I’m a little torn on which at-home program to do next since she came out with like 4 during covid, but I’m looking forward to starting another & yes, i’m really challenging myself to actually get it done in however many weeks the plan is this time around!

Have you had to mix up your workouts? Are you currently using a workout apps or following a program you like? 

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