One Year Condo Living

So last Friday, (aka another late post from me) it was my one year condo anniversary, (I was trying to do like a condo-versary or something lame like that but I couldn’t get over how weird it looks typed so whatever!). But yeah, it marked the one year since I got the keys and moved out on my own again. It’s honestly just so crazy to think that i’ve lived here for a whole year already, it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long! We ended up popping a bottle of champagne since I never actually officially did that when I moved in, which is weird to think back on!


Plus, so much has happened here in that year it is just mind blowing. I’ve repainted a few times, took literally almost a year to put anything on the walls, ‘P’ moved in (crazy right), I could go on. Yes, it’s been tough at times, it is hard to go from a house & a bedroom you’ve had for 25 years to moving things to a condo, heck I still have so much at my parents to go through & clean out the basement (oops, sorry mom).

Here’s a little nostalgia as well, it’s my first condo post, its pretty boring to be honest, but I remember just being so excited when I wrote it & I finally had internet. Incase you missed this one as well, I gave a very short &  impromptu condo tour finally back in June. I did recently have to buy a new dishwasher (isn’t adulting fun), but on the plus side I have been hiding a bbq on my balcony for a year now so that’s a plus. I do have a few projects that I plan on doing in the hopefully near future, which is exciting.

So here is to another exciting year in the condo, & continuing to adult ….


8 thoughts on “One Year Condo Living

  1. One year! I still remember the first post and you showed the lovely construction/empty field outside your window lol. Also, you know you’re getting old when you buy a dishwasher. I’m really sorry.

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