Sharing My Love For EyEnvy Conditioner

So back in April, in my most recent 5 Things I’m Loving Lately Posts I mentioned that one of the things I was loving had been using EyEnvy Conditioner. This is one of those beauty love posts, so feel free to skip this post.
I starting using it back at the end of February, & I have still been using it every damn morning after washing my face & even just purchased another tube of it. I’ve always been skeptical about these types of things but for someone like me, who literally has always wished to have fuller eyelashes & as someone who has had eyelash extensions (& yes I loved them, but I didn’t like the monthly cost). I figured I would give it a try because why the heck not, plus it was Covid so I had nothing better to do really.

So what is EyEnvy?
EyEnvy is a lash conditioner serum that uses a special formula of vitamins and peptides to encourage eyelash hair growth across your lash line and even your brows.

How do you use it?
I hate things around my eyes, so the fact that it was so easy is so helpful.
But you take the applicator & apply the conditioning serum to the lash line of your upper lids. I also like to use it on my eyebrows where the hair is a little sparce.

My EyEnvy Results & Experience
Like I mentioned above, I am skeptical about using stuff like this, especially around the eye area. But let me tell you, this stuff is literally magic. I started to notice a difference about a month into using it but then at around the 2 month mark, my lashes had fanned out in the corners (which I have never had without extensions) & I had to start wearing waterproof mascara because my lashes started to hit the inside of my glasses.
After 3 months of using it, I have noticed an even bigger difference. My lashes are so long & they curl naturally a little as well.
After well 6 months of using it, I definitely have eyelashes. I’m just happy I won’t need extensions again but honestly this is my little secret in a bottle. Waterproof mascara did ruin them a little but now they are back in full force & I feel alive without having to go back to having extensions!

Are there any products you can’t live without? 



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