July 2020 Reading Recap

Happy Thursday!
Another month of reading has come & gone! So I don’t know how I did it, but I am so close to hitting my 50 book challenge (I swear I don’t read all the time anymore, only in the evenings & on weekends really) & it’s only halfway through the year!

So with July coming to an end, here is my July Reading Recap & current TBR list!

2020 Reading Challenge
– 47/50

Currently Reading:
The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams
Fitness Junkie by Lucy Skyes, Jo Piazza

Completed in July:

  • The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor
  • The Girl Before by JP Delaney
  • Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed
  • Me Before You by Jojo Moyers
  • Beach Read by Emily Henry
  • The Summer Deal by Jill Shalvis
  • Dear Martin by Nic Stone
  • When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri

My Thoughts:

  • The Shark Club: OMG, I loved this book right from the start. It had not only a cute story line that didn’t end up with a predictable ending but also shared the importance of sharks & all that which I love cause sharks are like my favourite! But yeah so it was a great read & I would honestly read it again & again!
  • The Girl Before: So this was one addicting book. It was a little bit on the thriller side to but oh my goodness, I could not put it down! I didn’t sleep well while reading this but I mean it wasn’t too long of a book.
  • Love, Hate & Other Filters:  Despite being a total teen book, it was awesome. We got to know the main character & her family, & her life as a high school senior while dealing with racism, & prejudice in America. I think everyone should read this book. It’s short & more of a teen read, but it really helps you understand how minorities are affected & would definitely still stand true today!
  • Me Before You: I know I am so late to the game with this book, but I finally got a chance to read it & my goodness, honestly I am so glad I did. I don’t know about all you that have seen the movie but it had me in tears, so I thought I was prepared for this, but l clearly wasn’t. It was amazing & I can’t wait to read the second one!
  • Beach Read: So I devoured this book & read it in no time. I actually stayed up late reading since most of my reading was in the evenings but like this isn’t normal for me anymore. I loved it, it was not only a nice summery book, but we had so much more going on, I can’t quite get into the details without obviously giving things away but i would totally recommend this book to anyone right now!
  • The Summer Deal: This one took me a while to get into, but then it hit a little turning point & then it got a whole lot more addicting.
  • Dear Martin: I have no words. Everyone really should pick this book up because this book hits important topics about issues happening right now in our world. It offers a perspective from those who are facing racial injustice.
  • When Katie Met Cassidy: I can’t lie, I didn’t expect this to turn out the way it did but I also maybe didn’t read what the book was about before I read it. It wasn’t bad but I felt it just needed a little more, like what did Katie’s family do/react to her letter, all that stuff!

TBR List or as I like to call it the ‘what’s unread on my bookshelf list’:
Again not being read in any order, crossing out books as I read

  • The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien
  • Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen
  • Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young
  • Special Deluxe by Neil Young
  • Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
  • What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand
  • The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
  • The Mister by E.L James
  • American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins


Have you read anything worth recommending?
Let me know in the comments, I’m seriously looking for new books! 


Also do you have Goodreads? Let’s be friends, I love seeing how everyone is doing on their challenges & what your reading!


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