Things I Learned During Covid

Alright, so this has been a fun thing to do the last few months.  Now that we are heading into stage 3, so this feels a little better to release. 

Basically way back when, I started this little list of stuff. It’s really more of snippets of conversations i’ve had with myself, if were being honest. 

So here are some things i’ve learned during Covid & it’s finally time to share my this beautiful work in progress that has been now haunting me for months. 

  • Wearing a mask is actually cool
  • Stay away from the non-mask wearing weirdos
  • I can actually follow recipes
  • I still don’t like to cook
  • Leave the big meals to ‘P’ to cook
  • I can actually French braid my own hair now
  • I love French braiding my hair
  • Leave brow maintenance to the professionals
  • Support local restaurants if decide to do take-out
  • Seeing your grandparents will make your day that much better
  • It is very satisfying washing white running shoes
  • At home workouts will start to drive you crazy 
  • The condo doesn’t suck
  • Go for that walk girl
  • It’s hot out, don’t even try to put those surgical gloves on, you know you won’t be able to
  • I’ll put a plant here & here & here
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you just want to do nothing but sit on the couch & read today 
  • Wear sunscreen on your face every damn day 
  • Stop online shopping!!! 
  • Your package is taking longer than normal cause of Covid, relax! 
  • You might want to kill your man, but just hide in the next room instead of yelling for no reason 
  • Stop yelling about everything, your bored 
  • There is apparently such thing as reading too fast
  • Patio furniture is expensive as all hell
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with skincare information
  • You will try to stop drinking, but wine is your one true love
  • Cleaning your balcony is a game changer
  • Apparently construction never stops
  • I can’t keep plants alive
  • It’s easy to forget to brush your teeth if you don’t leave the house
  • Cleaning is a serious chore
  • Drink water, it keeps you from getting headaches


I’m sure i’ve missed a million things, but I’m just so glad to get this out of my drafts page now, its like a weight has been lifted & its one less draft! 


Is there anything you have learned these past few months? 


8 thoughts on “Things I Learned During Covid

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