6 Month – 2020 Goals/Resolutions Update

So I’m just one month late on this one, oops, but we are apparently we just over halfway through 2020. I don’t know about you but THANK GOODNESS. I mean, I don’t know what to even say about the last six & a little months because they have been interesting to say the least!

So instead of reminiscing about how 2020 took a weird turn. I’m just gonna jump into it. If you missed my original post welcoming 2020, you can click here to read it.
So here is a quick monthly recap of how my 2020 Goals/Resolutions are looking just over halfway into the year!


  • Read 50 books – roughly 4 books a month: Currently read 42/50. Booo yah, thanks to being unemployed & not able to do anything really (thanks Covid) I am way ahead of schedule & I’m thinking just maybe I will probably surpass it this year.
  • Actually sticking to a budget: I was doing okay with this, & then we went away & then had an April trip planned, so I was spending a little more than I wanted, but now, I think I’ve literally got this down pact. I mean I’m literally not spending any money except on groceries & my bills. So I guess that’s the upside to Covid happening, I’ve actually become a saving machine.
  • Take more pictures: I took a bunch while we were away which was great & was off to a good start on this, now a days I don’t take as much but I’m still trying to document moments!
  • Drink more water: yes, yes, yes. I literally drink so much water & tea, I feel so hydrated its amazing! I don’t know how much a day I drink but its definitely between 2-4 litres easy.
  • Eat more veggies: Every darn day! We have been making sure we have veggies every night with our dinners, I also have always loved to add spinach to my smoothies & now it’s pretty well smoothie weather again so thats been a great way to add veggies into my daily diet too. On days I don’t have smoothies, I make sure to have a scoop of Greens+ once into a glass of water. Veggies rock everyone!
  • Practice my interview skills: uh, I haven’t practiced specifically, but I’ve had one or two interviews which I prepped for so I think that counts. I don’t even know why I made this a goal, I think I should change it to ‘Land a new job’.
  • Post 1 blog post a week: So I definitely have not been consistent with this one. The first month of the year I barely wrote thanks to writers block & literally having no motivation to write! I have slowly been catching up on this & I think I have been successfully posting once a week since we got back from our February trip, give or take maybe a week but I did post a few times multiple times, so this pretty well means its all evened out.


Despite the turns this year has taken, I am glad I have been able to keep going with my goals & I am definitely trying my best to stay positive on the daily.

Hav you been sticking with your 2020 resolutions?
I would love to hear how you are doing!


10 thoughts on “6 Month – 2020 Goals/Resolutions Update

  1. Oooo I’ve been able to save some money too! When COVID hit, I had just made my last health insurance payment and then I got to cancel my bus pass too – it’s been helping me make some large lump sum payments on my student debt each month. So happy about it!

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    • Don’t feel bad at all! Usually I have read way less by now, I’ve been able to read all these books because of covid & not working, so that’s really only been it! But you got this, even a chapter a night is a good way to get reading more!

      Thanks a whole bunch! I appreciate it! I hope you are able to smash some goals as well this year!


  2. I love this! Taking stock of how the last six months have been is a really good idea. It allows us to see how much we have already accomplished but also gives us time to improve things if something hasn’t quite gone as we had hoped. I’m going to put this into practice as it’s so useful. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    • Thank girl! You are so right! Honestly if i didn’t do an update & reflection, i wouldn’t be as successful & probably would have fallen off the wagon a while ago. Accountability is key!
      Thanks for reading!

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    • Thanks girl, honestly this is the only way I am able to stay accountable!
      You can do it! There is so much time left this month to crush those goals!


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