My June Challenges – Recap

Hi friends, so I just want to start by making sure everyone is well & still holding up okay! 
Since the months have been a little blah with covid & the lockdowns & all that fun stuff. I shared last month that I was challenging myself to a few things in June to just hold myself accountable & really just giving myself that little kick in the butt I needed! If you missed the initial post, you can still check it out here. Plus with the month only being 30-days long, thats always a good start to just attempt at kickstarting some habits! So I’m defiantly a few days late on this but I just wanted to share how I did with each of the personal challenges! 

June Challenges: 

  • 60 second ‘wash your face’ challenge: So I gave this a try, honestly my skin felt a little cleaner especially since I’ve been wearing sunscreen everyday & all getting outside. So it honestly just felt clean, I didn’t notice a difference, but I did add a few new products in that I think I’m still getting used to! 
  • Minimum 30 minute workout per a day: I almost did it! I didn’t workout maybe 3 days last month, they were like right in a row too, but honestly I needed the rest so thats okay! 
  • Walk 231.8km this month: So this was my Apple Watch challenge for the month of June. I got so close, I forgot to save the exact amount but I was 3km short! 
  • Drink more water!!!!!: So I have been super consistent & was drinking about 2 – 3 Litres a day again, & it’s just been continuing thanks to the warm weather. But honestly water just makes me feel so much better! 
  • No negativity: I tried, I really did. I got negative a few times talking with my parents but other than that I think I did pretty good! 

A whole lot of these have become everyday things, that I’ve now been continuing since June ended last week. I still find myself filling up on more water & veggies, & yes, always moving everyday. I’m happy I challenged myself last month, it was definitely the little kick in the butt I needed to feel a little more normalcy again. I didn’t challenge myself to anything for July, but August is still around the corner so maybe there’ll be something there! 


Have you done a personal challenge lately? 

Thanks for reading! 



6 thoughts on “My June Challenges – Recap

  1. Wow good for you! Since school is ended and the weather has gotten hot, I have declined in the walking haha but I’m trying to keep it up! It’s a struggle when I just want to laze about and watch netflix and eat cinnamon buns….

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      • Yes!! Im trying to wake up a little early so I can get out for my walk earlier. I take a frozen water bottle with me to stay hydrated. Today no walk but I have done two indoor exercise sets (10ish mins each) so thats good!

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      • Yes for sure! I might even throw in another workout after dinner like I usually do! Outside now enjoying some fresh air! But not moving at all…just in an empty school yard, under a tree, sitting on a towel reading a book lol


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