Keeping Up With Cass – June 2020

See you later June!


So another month has come & gone, I can’t lie, this month was a little tough on me, but thankfully things are slowly opening up here, so things are feeling a little more normal but yeah, I feel like days are just flying by faster than normal!
So this month we didn’t have to head to ‘P’s rental house as much, we went two Saturdays in a row & we were able to get everything else done & cleaned up! It is so nice to be able to sleep in a little longer on a Saturday instead of being out the door by 6:30 in the morning.
I had another month of decent reading! I got through a few books but nothing like Aprils but honestly just still checking books off my TBR & e-library hold list! I did officially hit 40/50 books so I’m super excited the I’m doing so well on my goal but I guess it really is all thanks to Covid so at least something good came from it. In reading terms I did end up getting a Kobo e-reader, I’ve had this one for almost the whole month & I am so happy with it. Reading is a whole new ball game for me now!
We did have a busy fathers day weekend, we went to his parents on the Saturday, spent the afternoon by the pool & had a huge dinner & a little fire in the backyard. Then on the Sunday, we went to my parents & spent the afternoon by the pool & had dinner with my family. It was so nice to have a family filled relaxing weekend & yes, it was even nicer to see my grandparents in a safe backyard setting with social distancing from them of course. 
So, fitness wise, I’m still walking anywhere from 3km- 7km per day. I’m attempting to run once a week, at a slower pace these days, but thats okay but its been hot so honestly my walks & runs literally depend on the weather. I’m also still doing the workouts from Linn Lowes ‘At Home’ program, slowly but surely getting through them! I had a few days where I did nothing but everything was hurting so I gave myself a little break which was also nice, & probably needed.
Home wise, we bought a new mattress which has been amazing & was definitely needed, who would have thought that the mattress was the reason I couldn’t sleep through the night. ‘P’ put his handyman skills to the test & got a bunch of organizers up & together, which was amazing & so needed. Oh & clearly by now I guess I should share. ‘P’ & I have successfully now lived together in my little condo since mid-march, so it’s been three & a half months now of fully living together. I mean it must be pretty obvious after I shared a long overdue condo tour & obviously the den has a Big Smalls & Muhammed Ali photo in there so yeah. It’s obviously had it’s ups & downs thanks to Covid but honestly it’s been really easy at the same time. Finally, we now have a little more of a groove, & things are a whole lot more organized since now that were done at his place we can focus a little energy on the condo. Also, now that were able to go to the cottage on weekends again since all our weekends were focused around fixing & cleaning his place has also helped.  But its been great & were totally on the same page about saving money for our future home & future travels so yeah!

What I’ve Been Watching:


  • Below Deck Mediterranean – S5
  • HGTV everything (Celebrity IOU, Property Brothers Forever Home, Masters of Flip)


  • Dynasty – S3
  • Sweet Magnolias – S1
  • Jeffery Epstein Filthy Rich 
  • White Lines – S1
  • Designated Survivor – S1, Just starting S2
  • Virgin River – S1


  • How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (One of my alll time favourites)
  • Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly
  • Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru

What Have I Been Reading:

  • Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young
  • American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins
  • Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert
  • Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer
  • The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen
  • The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor


I did take a big step forward & started working with a local career councillor. She has already been so helpful, and things have been looking up, I’ve had a few interviews already which was amazing & it felt so positive to hear back from jobs finally!


In Case You Missed This Months Blog Posts

Here is a quick recap in case you missed any posts from June:


How was your June?
How have you been coping with everything going on?

Any big plans for July? 


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure I have everything packed for our mid-week Canada day trip to the cottage since apparently we are leaving in 15 minutes (men & they’re lack of planning ahead) ….


Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Cass – June 2020

  1. I finally finished Dynasty. Holy what a season. Every character makes the same decisions/mistakes and then bails themselves out of it with money. What a life. I don’t even know what to specifically discuss, the whole season was just a constant, “WHAT!?”

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