Condo Tour!

I am so excited to share my first batch of photos of my condo today.
So let me officially welcome you virtually to my crib WordPress friends!


Welcome to the den!
This room has had many, many changed. I like how its behind barn doors so it does keep it separated from the main area. Now it’s being used as a laundry hang up, workout space & front hall. In less than 2 weeks, this room will house a Peloton bike, so that’ll yet again change the rooms dynamic.
Tucked away behind the doors, there is a front hall closet which holds an extra dresser, shoes, coats, you name it & the washer/dryer in the other door, which also thanks to ‘P’ now has a shelf & all the cleaning supplies/the vacuum are hidden away in there!  


Welcome to the Kitchen!
This is where all the Covid cooking magic has been happening!



Welcome to the dining room/bar/wine storage/work space!
It’s definitely a little bit tight in the chairs near the bar cart, but honestly it freed up a cupboard in the kitchen which was a blessing! But as you can tell, ‘P’ likes to buy & display a whole lot of liquor in case people come over, but it’s ironic since neither of us like drinking liquor so it’s a huge joke between everyone that comes over & knows us.  


Our last stop on the tour ….
Welcome to the living room!
So I decided to go with a larger sectional instead of a smaller condo sized sectional, since I wanted something I could use in a house or down the road as well. I also liked how the higher back on the side helped to divide the rooms & really broke up the whole space into sections.
Also, shout out to my mom for the amazing white pillows she made!  


It’s been a constant work in progress for me. I swear I have changed furniture or repainted areas or changed areas so many times already. It’s hard to believe I’ve lived here for 10 months now & it really is has started to feel like home in the last few months. But I’m just so happy with where everything is at right now! I can promise I won’t be changing anything for a while, & by a while I mean maybe the fall when we redo the bathroom ….


Thanks for stopping by!


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10 thoughts on “Condo Tour!

  1. Really nice looking place! That couch looks like a great spot to take a 20 hour nap, so comfortable. I like the wall clock, it reminds me of the clock rug from Big Comfy Couch haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s n to bad, I wish it were a little comfier but I have slept on it and didn’t wake up in pain so I think that classifies it as a win!
      Also, thats so funny! I haven’t thought of that show in forever but now every time I look at it I will!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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