My June Challenges

Hi friends, so I just want to start by making sure everyone is well & still holding up okay! 
Since the months have been a little blah with covid & the lockdowns & all that fun stuff. I have decided to challenge myself to a few things this month, just to get me back into a semi-regular routine & all that fun stuff. I know stuff is slowly opening up but I just want to make sure I’m pushing myself a little more than I have been, maybe have a little more purpose to my days, since it’s been really un-motivating having not much to look forward to each day, so I’m really trying to turn this month around! Plus June is only 30 days long, so I’m thinking of this as a 30-day challenge to kickstart some habits & the month should fly by anyways! 

My June Challenges 

  • 60 second ‘wash your face’ challenge: So I heard about this on a podcast I’ve been listening to, & basically you should be washing your face for a minimum of 60 seconds to really get dirt & makeup & the day/night off. So since my skins been acting up badly over the past few months, I decided I should give this a try.
  • Minimum 30 minute workout per a day: It’s no surprise that I have officially fallen in love with walking & just getting outside. Some days I obviously just skip it overall but this month I’m trying to make a habit of working out for a minimum of 30 minutes each day! 
  • Walk 231.8km this month: So this is my Apple Watch challenge for the month of June. Basically since I’ve been walking a bunch this months challenge is to either walk or run a total of 231.8kms for the month, thats an average of around 7kms a day. Obviously this one is a little more complicated than just moving for 30 minutes a day, and obviously that’s a whole lot of kilometres, I haven’t even walked close to that the last few months, but I am totally determined to see what I can get! 
  • Drink more water!!!!!: Yes, I’ve been drinking a lot with the warmer weather but I haven’t been as consistent as I used to be, & that means I’m gonna start tracking it again, for the whole month. Hopefully I’ll be able to stay consistent & drink about 2 – 3 Litres a day again. 
  • No negativity: So I’m challenging myself to be positive every damn day, regardless of how that day is going, what my mood is like, what the energy is around me. I have always been a little negative but I have really been noticing how my mood is affecting those around me too! 

I know this seems like a whole lot to challenge myself in just one month, but honestly I can’t wait to see how the month goes & hopefully after 30 days, these will literally just become second nature to me. Habits that just feel natural compared to a challenge.

Is there anything you want to challenge yourself to for 30 days? 
Let me know in the comments & we can hold each other accountable! 


Wish me luck!


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8 thoughts on “My June Challenges

  1. Wooo! Good goals! I hit my 200km goal for May so unofficially I would love to get in 250km this month. I had a few days where I didn’t go out at all in May, and quite a few outings that were very short (1.9km short!) but others where one outing is longer (6km). It’s also all about balance and not pushing myself to the point of injury. I need to correct my step since I have noticed I don’t plant my foot properly right now. But definitely will be still working on the walking every day. I don’t even have the desire to run! Just a quick pace as I walk.

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    • Look at us & our high km walking goals! You have that all so right, like I have no desire to run because I love my fast walks. That’s good you noticed that with your steps, you don’t want to hurt yourself! You got this girl 🙃

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    • that’s awesome, your skin is such an important organ!
      Give it a try maybe, i heard it was started by a dermatologist who wanted to challenge people to wash their face longer. apparently the longer the better since it takes a little more to really get the grime & dirt out! Let me know if you try it & how it goes

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