5 Things I’m Looking Forward To When This Is Over

Happy Sunday!

You might have guessed by now but I like to say what day it is at the top of each post to remind myself what day it is, otherwise I have no idea what day it is!

Alright, so I am all about trying to be as positive as I can these days & just hoping we can flatten the curve sooner than later. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like Ontario is opening up anytime soon, which sucks, but it’s understandable. I do find myself thinking a whole lot about what I am looking forward to when all this is over. I really had to narrow this down to like 5 things only because I could have probably gone on for hours, so I basically just clumped everything in that worked together.


5 Things I’m Looking Forward To When This Is Over

Human Connection
Yes this involves seeing & hugging my grandparents, hugging my family, date nights with the girls, date nights w. P at our favourite local Mexican spot. You name it. I just miss the human connection where people actually say hi in the grocery stores, back to the way it was. I know things won’t ever be the same in that sense for a while but I miss being able to hug & see those close to me.

Wearing real clothes
Yes I have officially gone there with this one. I love leggings probably more then anyone & yes consider them pants but lately I’ve been missing being able to dress a little nicer or just even throw on a pair of jeans & a t-shirt. I guess I miss having the option!

The Gym
Yes, you read that right, but basically just getting a real good workout in. I want to leave the house for 1 hour a day just to get a workout in. I can’t lie, I will never take the gym & a good workout for granted again.

Getting a hair cut 
Never thought I would see the day I would be excited to do this considering hair cuts are the death of me, but I really want to start maintaining it a little better & yes, maybe get semi-regular haircuts. I miss having healthy looking hair.

Leaving The House 
So other than my daily walks & the odd visit to my parents, or just grocery shopping. I can’t wait to be able to leave the house. I miss being able to go to the gym, I miss popping into the grocery store for the two items we need, I miss walking around the mall, I miss going out for dinner or out for drinks.


This time at home has definitely made me appreciate simple things like hugging someone, date night at our favourite restaurant or even just leaving the house for one item SO much more than I used to! Obviously we all need to stay home & stay safe & continue to listen to the professionals.

What are you looking the most forward to when all of this is over?!


Stay safe & wash your hands!

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13 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Looking Forward To When This Is Over

  1. I like to try to stay positive too! We’ve been seeing a slight positive trend in our numbers in Ontario and I think soon we might see a SMALL opening. Like baby steps right? It won’t be malls or restaurants or anything but it will be something small.

    My life honestly hasn’t changed much since having to stay inside LOL But I miss the option of going out. And I miss the store thing too – like just going to get milk. I’ve been doing online delivery so my bills are so much but also it lasts for two weeks so it’s ok. But then I forget something like I have no coffee creamer and it’s not avail in the store so I’m using milk instead so using it more so I’m gonna run out faster? Haha

    It’s nice you can still see your parents! I’m very much in a “if you don’t live with them ya don’t see them” thing with all the people I want to see 🥺 if my parents weren’t in the vulnerable category in like 5 different ways I might have actually considered staying out with them for this. But then I’d be living with my mom for 6 weeks at this point and I’m not sure I could do that 😂😂😂

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    • Hopefully soon we’ll see a small opening. I mean who knows right, maybe one more month of this…

      I feel you on the option to leave. Like right now we do groceries once a week so that’s like my day out lol. Haven’t tried delivery but I’m glad you have that option!

      I totally feel you there. Having the option to stop by had been a lifesaver but who knew it would have lasted this long already. But then again. Once this is all done, it’ll hopefully make seeing your family that much better!

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      • Apparently the education minister has said schools are closed until May 31. Which is like whatever…. haha having to go back to work again is going to be SO exhausting!

        I like the delivery option. It allows someone who might need a pay cheque to keep working and allows me to get things I normally wouldn’t (hello case of watermelon lemonade that’s only in certain stores and too heavy to carry on TTC). And I make sure to tip well.

        I’m not super close with my mom but we’ve been doing well with texting lately which has been nice! Being in the same physical space is hard haha! Maybe being forced to skip a few family events (3 birthdays and Easter and May long weekend) will make it a little better that next time.

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      • Slow but steady it seems like everything going to open…

        But that’s awesome, & so true. It’s definitely easier to get the groceries you wouldn’t normally be able to pick up!

        I’m sorry to hear that, but like you said hopefully next time it’ll be better because you haven’t seen each other in so long!

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      • Haha unfortunately those groceries are mostly unhealthy things for me. Although this week I did benefit from a lovely big jar of pickles. YUM

        I’m sure it will be 🙂 We have our moments like and family does haha

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      • Absolutely! I was invited to go for a Starbucks run last night (replaced a previously planned walk) and I’ve got to say, that decaf white mocha after 7 weeks of not having one was INSANELY good. It’s the little things haha! I’m considering ordering ice cream next grocery delivery. I don’t eat it often so it’ll be a nice indulgence.

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