Covid Cooking

First things first, hope you are all safe & staying healthy & following whatever guidelines are in place where you are. Sending everyone some positivity & hugs during this time!

But yes, you read that title right.
You all might not know this about me, but I really do not like cooking, so this is a big day for me. I hate cooking, I hate being in the kitchen, if it was up to me, I would literally eat oatmeal & smoothies for all my meals, but obviously that’s lame & super boring.In a perfect world, I would have named this ‘Cooking with Cass’ because I wanted to be super lame like that but it’s also not like I’m sharing any recipes (so don’t get your hopes up on that today!). Thankfully I haven’t been stuck completely alone during this time, ‘P’ is here with me. So before all this, we like to go out for dinners a few times a week but obviously we can’t do that, so we’re just hanging out, trying to cook things we like & get creative for some stay inside date nights. So this isn’t a super fancy post or anything, I just wanted to share some pictures because we have been hella proud of what we’ve been doing in the kitchen lately!

Also, before you judge the amount of wine or anything since clearly there’s a bottle shown or hiding in each picture, keep in mind that all of these meals have literally been in the span of over a month now, I swear we don’t eat pasta & steaks every night, or drink a whole bottle of wine a night (okay sometimes but still, you get the point). But on that note, we do like to have pasta nights on Sundays, we don’t know why but it’s literally our Sunday night dinners.

I also obviously decided to leave our boring, & usual meal of chicken (for me), salmon (for him), broccoli, sautéed spinach & brown rice because it looks really boring, but we eat it literally all the time so I didn’t want to look at it again (lol), but its healthy, quick & totally filling. Oh & the million homemade Banana Maple Muffins or carrot muffins, I’ve been making lately.


& now to our masterpieces


I clearly can’t take all the credit here cause I wouldn’t be able to barbecue those pieces of meat right, so huge thank you to ‘P’ for obviously doing his fair share of cooking.

Have you been getting creative in the kitchen?
We’re also open to dinner 
suggestions if anyone has any! 


Stay safe & wash your hands!


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8 thoughts on “Covid Cooking

  1. Ugh sitting here hungry waiting until it’s the appropriate time to eat lunch! All of this looks amazing and I may or may not be drooling all over my laptop HAHA

    I usually cook quite a bit, only order takeout once every two weeks on Fridays so being home hasn’t really changed that. Except the only time I’ve ordered in food was for my birthday. I’m getting grocery deliveries on the regular so cooking and eating hasn’t been too bad. I seem to have a nice rotation of meals but stick to my regular. The Guy seems to be a master chef and at least 3 times a week I get pictures of what he’s eating for dinner. I’ve already told him during the next pandemic (or 2nd wave of this one) I’m going to live on his couch so I can snag some good eats! HAHA

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    • I’m sorry, I was hoping that might not happen!

      That’s great you have a regular rotation, we have a system these days which has been nice.
      Uhh, Guy seems like a wonder, too bad you aren’t stuck & getting the chef meals now, hopefully there is no 2nd wave, but at least you have a plan 🙂

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      • Hehe! It’s ok! A few weeks ago, I decided to obsess over the fact that I thought my face was getting fat so I’ve been trying to eat smaller portions so I’m often hungry.

        The Guy is very mysterious. I’m not sure if he thinks I was joking or not, because I said it like a month ago because I was pouting that we had to cancel our meet up. BUT I told him again last night, “I’ll bring my own pillow” so he better start making some plans haha

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      • Oh gosh, you are beautiful you don’t need smaller portions!

        Hmm, well he does sound mysterious. But honestly I would do the same & just keep mentioning it lol

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      • Aww thanks lovely! 🥰 but sometimes I do haha I realized that it was all in my head and stopped obsessing about it hehe

        I will keep mentioning it 😂

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  2. All of a sudden I’m craving pulled pork. Oh man. This is impressive, proud of you! I don’t know if you’ve ever had a carrot salad, but basically peel a carrot, and then shred it using a cheese grater. Then you can add oil, vinegar, and different spices to it. Even throw seeds in it, whatever you like. It’s quick, simple, and quite good.

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