I Just Watched: ‘Too Hot To Handle’

Happy Sunday!

So I really wanted to avoid jumping on this bandwagon, but here we are. I think it took less than 24 hrs (it would have been way less but thankfully I stopped myself) for me to watch the whole 8 episodes, I would say thats crazy but were all stuck inside so I think that’s pretty normal now. So today I am sharing my thoughts & there are a whole lot of them, on the show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ & we are blessed with a surprise appearance from Paul. And yes Paul, I’m going to be apologizing for convincing you to watch this show for a while, I won’t do it again!

So if you are living under a rock & don’t happen to know what ‘Too Hot To Handle’ is, here’s a quick little summary:

Too Hot to Handle is a reality television dating game show. The host of the series is a virtual assistant, named “Lana”, who will give the cast the rules they must follow for the season; Desiree Burch provided voice-over narration. The premise of the show is to teach young, single people to create genuine connections instead of their usual flings. If contestants engage in any sexual contact on the island, then the prize money would decrease, starting at $100,000.
– IMDB didn’t have a summary so thanks Wikipedia

So I have a whole lot to say, & I have a whole lot of feelings after watching this, so I’m sorry if this goes into a slight rant. I literally have no idea where to begin.

Okay so let me start this by saying this was a totally stupid show & I feel like I lost so many braincells after watching it (not more than Tiger King thankfully, but enough), I mean I get the concept & the concept was totally different for a reality love (can I call it that) show. What I can’t get is how in the hell did they find these people. Like did they apply like you do for other shows, did they have to get nominated, like I’m just so freaking baffled. Like is there an option on the form check off that says, “I can’t keep it in my pants & will screw everything in sight”. Like I just don’t get it. Also, the whole Lana thing (yes the cone shaped virtual assistant), how did she know what was happening 24/7 like if that didn’t freak you out to how much technology can find out about you by just being in the same room, you need help, & yes, I unplugged my google homes after watching this. Also, how can people be so immature, like I get it I used to know people like that but like you’re clearly not in your late teens/early 20s anymore (with the acceptation of harry clearly), but like I don’t get it. Also, Rhonda come on girl, the whole bomb drop about your 2 year old son & the fact that you were on this show is just embarrassing, like get it together & mature for your kid ….. I did however get sad when Matthew left, because aside from Kels, he was really the only sense of reason & the only one who was able to follow rules. I  do wish as a group they were able to have more self control & make more of the money than they did, but I get why some caved & needed to know if there was more of a connection. I think it would be a little more incentive to have a larger jackpot, especially if there’s a chance for that many people to win from the final pot, I think that might have worked better. I did however like how they had workshops to help them realize why they were afraid of commitment like they were, that might be the only good thing to come of the show. Otherwise I feel like I should have resisted & showed strength against watching it but we can’t all be strong.


So since my little rants over, everyone, please send a warm welcome my friend Paul, the mastermind behind The Captain’s Speech. I may have convinced him to watch ‘Too Hot To Handle’ & he unfortunately got sucked in. He had some thoughts as well & we are lucky enough to read them, so without further adieu, here are Paul’s thoughts on the show:

If you combine Bachelor in Paradise, Love Island, Love is Blind, Are You The One?, and the narrator from The Circle, you get Too Hot To Handle. I watched all eight episodes in about 14 hours and was left speechless. Everything about this show will make you think, “Are these real people, or are they aliens?” I like how the cast is a mixture of people from Canada, US, UK, and Australia, so viewers of the show can’t just target one country and say those people are nuts. Everyone is nuts. On a show where immaturity seemed to be a prerequisite, Rhonda and Kelz stood out as more mature than the rest. I’m not sure that’s saying much, but I’ll give them credit. Outside of Kelz, it baffled me how little they cared about the prize money. Maybe in future seasons, they’ll have a bigger budget and a larger prize, so the Instagram influencers of the group can’t just say, “I make way more money posting photos online, so I don’t really care about this.” At its core, this show is a bit sad because every participant has deep-rooted issues which they fail to address. At its surface, it’s another show people can point to whenever they want to say Millennials are what’s wrong with the world.  If you don’t try and analyze every little thing about the show, you can watch it and laugh through 80% of it. You can also learn a lot of British slang that you can confuse your friends with.  Thank you, Cass, for letting me share my thoughts here. I’m surprised I was able to get this many out because that show just sucked all the intelligence right out of me.


Paul touched on so many things, I can’t help but honestly agree with everything he said. I’m honestly shocked we both got this many words down about the show. Huge thank you to Paul for braving this show & sharing his thoughts! I am so sorry for dragging you through it, I owe you.

Have you watched ‘Too Hot To Handle’? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!
Also, I’m always taking Netflix recommendations, feel free to share them!


Thanks for reading!

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